Judy ‘Pye’ Cox – Dynamic in Me Get Mi Landed ll

Mi Get Mi Landed - Judy 'Pye' Cox

With 10 successful performances Mi Get Mi Landed captivated and thrilled thousands of patrons in the Greater Toronto area (Toronto, Scarborough, Brampton, Mississauga, Barrie, Oshawa and Hamilton) and Ottawa. In fact, according to Toronto’s Share Newspaper: 

Patrons can’t seem to get enough of Devon Haughton’s Mi Get Mi Landed.  The play has received great attendance and tremendous adulation from patrons, journalists, investors, and moviemakers.

With a dynamic cast led by one of Jamaica’ best thespians Terri Salmon, Mi Get Mi Landed a dramatic comedy written by award winning playwright Devon Haughton thrilled patrons in 2009. This hilarious play delved into the consequences of getting into relationships with ulterior motives. The play focused on the life of Ruth (Judy Cox), a hardworking and mild-mannered woman who wanted only love and happiness when she foolishly fell in love with Enos, married him, and then sponsored him to emigrate from Jamaica to Canada.

Enos arrived “landed” (having legal immigrant status) to live with Ruth and her colourful wig-wearing, cantankerous sister Tatti (played by Terri Salmon). Not too long after, Tatti moved out of the house and what happens subsequently was a comedic display of a world of lies and deceit as the truth unfolded.

Me Get Mi Landed ll

4 years later Ruth (Judy’Pye’ Cox) used her life savings to start a nursing home and in comes Pu Pam Pam a long time family friend in need of a job.  

We then see Tatti (Terri Salmon) trying to return to Canada but loses her immigrant (landed) status at the airport. Coco — a Christian minded landed immigrant— the housekeeper at the nursing home needs money to save her dying daughter.  Barbabas weaves his conniving ways to destroy Ruth.  As the play progresses we see Ruth battling mental health issues, Tatti fighting to regain her immigrant status (landed), Coco's pressing problems, Pu Pam Pam's return to Ruth, and why Barbabas works for Ruth.

All questions are answered in anticlimactic, heart-wrenching, comedic, and dramatic fashions.  See it for yourself. The play opens on August 9, 2013 in Toronto, Canada, visit www.dohevents.com or call 416-570-5993 for details.

Judy's Career Highlights

Judy "Pye" Cox acting career started as early as 10 years old, when she was — forced by teacher with a cane — to perform one of the late Honourable Louise Bennett-Coverley`s dialect in primary school.  This performance propelled her to participate in many National School Drama Festivals, where she won numerous Best Actress Awards for Merl Grove High. This launched her into commercial theatre in Jamaica and on stage at the prestigious Ward Theatre. Judy is best known in Jamaica as 'Cassie' for her role in "Under Mi Nose."

She has also performed in other well known plays including "Hear Sey", ''Once is Enough" "Twice My Age", "Dead Lef"….  In Canada Judy has acted in "Cut Throat", "Dear Pastor1&2", "Double Deal", "Up On Eglinton" "Two for Two" "Children, Children" "Old Friends" "Pick a Bone" "How Can I Achieve It"…. This award-winning actress made her directorial debut in Dear Pastor 2, which she re-vamped and starred; commissioned by Gloria Surage president of Two Friends Production.

Judy has also used her talents to advocate for social justice, she performed in "Reasoning With My Sisters" at York University for Women's International Day which dealt with issues of domestic abuse, sexual harassment and assault.  Judy has worked with many of Jamaica's finest including Volier- Maffie', Blacka, Bello, Audrey Dance Hall Queen, Oliver Samuels and for the second time, Terri Salmon.




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