Join an Army of Youth for Change

[pullquote_right]An Army of Youth Making a Positive Impact in the Community, Promoting Health, Hope and Drug-Free Living! [/pullquote_right]

Youth for Change - 1What we are about…
YOUTH FOR CHANGE is a youth outreach program sponsored by Family Health Educational Services (FHES); a non-profit organization. YOUTH FOR CHANGE is geared toward helping our youth make a positive impact in the community, while enabling them to work their way through school in our matching scholarship program.

How we work…
YOUTH FOR CHANGE promotes health, hope, happiness and a drug-free life through home visitations and community events. Books and magazines are distributed which address the health, social, and spiritual needs of your community. Your donation is a vital to the success of our program and it goes toward helping our students to achieve their goals for attending higher education, and to cover the cost of the materials.

Who we are…
Have you seen those famous blue cover BIBLE STORY BOOKS in doctor and dentist offices? Well, FHES has published the Bible Story Books, the Uncle Author series, and  Bible Readings for the Home for over 50 years. Our books are approved by over 40 denominations and enjoyed by many many more. We offer the most complete children and adult bible story sets in existence!

What you can expect…
This program challenges, guides and trains youth to serve. It was established because we believe that young people possess the energizing force to make a huge impact upon our community and more importantly they positively influence other young people!

Why we need you…
How can you help? Your donations and Prayers are greatly appreciated and they enable us to meet the needs of your community while empowering our youth to serve. Continue to pray and give financial support to these motivated young people in promoting health, hope, happiness, and a drug-free life!

Get More Information?
Call Family Health Education Services
(800) 830-0224 ext 316 or
Program Director Y4C: Reginald Alexander
(206) 370-0479



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