JN Money Transfer Expands Coverage in Caribbean and Pacific

JN -money transfer

KINGSTON, Jamaica – JN Money Services Limited (JNMS) has expanded its global JN Money Transfer network to over 8000 locations, up from 350 agents and branches at the start of the year.

Leesa Kow, General Manager, JNMS says the increased network has come as a result of two partnerships, which has enabled the company to extend its remittance services to Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad and Antigua in the Caribbean, and the Philippines in the Pacific, which has added the bulk of the new locations for the popular remittance company.

JNMS sealed a deal with the Philippines’ G-xchange, Inc. (GXI) in March. GXI is the owner of the Philippines money transfer brand, GCASH REMIT; while the Caribbean expansion was facilitated by a partnership with Laparkan Financial Services, Miss Kow added, a company owned by leading Guyanese freight handlers, Laparkan Trading Company. The deal expands JN Money Transfer’s network in the Caribbean to eight countries, including Jamaica.

“We are a Jamaican company, a subsidiary of Jamaica National Building Society; and our customer base encompasses our Jamaicans at home, and those in the Diaspora; the vast number of Caribbean people living outside of the region; as well as, people who have migrated to the Atlantic region from other parts of the world, and require remittance services that are quick, reliable and convenient,” Miss Kow said. Read more here.



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