Jeffery Bruney Returns to Dominica With New Farming Methods

DOMINICAN FARMERDominican farmer, Jeffery Bruney has returned home after studies with plans to modernise agriculture with a hurricane resistant farming model which he believes will revolutionise the sector.

In an exclusive interview with GIS News on Friday, Bruney, who is certified in Aquaculture from Cornell University, told the nation that his farm model is really a simple and very logical idea.

“What really makes this system hurricane resistant is two things: number one, one part of the system is portable so when the storm is coming you put it away. The other part of the system that is more suitable for a larger, more commercial facility is a system which involves concrete rafts or a long narrow concrete swimming pool, filled with water and a nutrient solution. When the storm is coming, you lower everything and you cover it.  When you lower the water level, the plants are submerged into the system and you cover it.”

Bruney gave an idea of how his hurricane resistant farm model works.
“The farm is based on hydroponics and aquaponics and simply put, it’s growing without soil and its all natural.  Natural meaning that there are no pesticides or fertilizers.  The nutrient solution which I use for the system I make. It is made out of some basic ingredients, molasses, oxygen and worm [faeces].

The system has several components. There’s going to be a worm farm, because I’m going to need to extract the worm poop to make my nutrient solution.  Also besides worm poop, I will be using fish urine and [faecal matter] called aquaponics.”
Both methods, Bruney says are old and time-proven for millennia, the only difference he says is that he has modernised the concept.
According to him, this idea came from his lifelong love for farming and his search for solutions to the problems that plague Caribbean farmers.




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