Jamaican Youth Employment Programme Launches Resource Guidebook

The Jamaica Youth Upliftment Through Employment (YUTE) Programme is a two-year holistic agenda and private sector-led coalition designed to empower young people in troubled communities in Jamaica. The program sets out a number of specific and targeted objectives aimed at improving the lives of Jamaican youth in improvised communities.

The main aim of the YUTE program includes providing opportunities for gainful employment as well as mentorship and practical guidance. Moreover, the program aims at exposing the root causes of crime and violence among youth and strives to provide preventative measures to stem the tide of crime among the Nation’s most vulnerable.

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The YUTE Programme has reported the unveiling of its new resource guidebook, Services For Urban Youth, on Tuesday, January 15, 2013, in Kingston, Jamaica. The need for this booklet arose from identification of the lack of knowledge relating to critical areas such as employment, essential services, and health. The guidebook will also focus on social and legal issues as per the needs of youths in the Kingston metropolitan area. YUTE Guidebook

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Guidebook Launch
According to Melissa Johnson, Mentorship Co-ordinator at YUTE, the booklet is a novel tool to bolster the efficiency of Jamaican youth. The Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, along with the chief executive officer of the CHASE Fund, Billy Heaven, will join executives of YUTE, along with YUTE participants from the twenty target communities as well as private sector partners to launch the booklet.

Need for the Booklet

The major idea surrounding the program arises from the realisation of the most important needs of vulnerable youth in the inner cities. As many other youths, youth in the inner cities have the drive and desire to find employment and better their lives. They all want to enter the world of work and break the cycle of poverty. The problem is they lack the proper information and resources to do so. The guidebook will be laced with important information regarding access to basic and essential services, critical to nation building.
The program has also been revitalised by the renewed focus on the role of youths in national development. The booklet therefore comes at a critical time in nation development and is fittingly appropriate. It explains critical processes to enter the formal sector and is expected to place youths in a better position to contribute to making Jamaica the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business, as per the dictates of Vision 2030.

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Jamaica is at a critical juncture in its development at this time. Fostering societal development and ensuring that such development is sustainable requires the advancement of youth in the country. While it is hoped that the guidebook will increase the marketability of unattached youths in troubled communities, an entirely holistic approach to the overall development of youth both socially and economically is also presented. At present, the booklet provides yet another innovative approach to empowering urban youths in overburdened communities.

By Norvan Martin

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