Jamaican immigrant experience on stage at York College, New York in the Award-winning play Single Entry

The award-winning play, Single Entry, has been praised for touching on vital issues surrounding immigration. It will be showing Sept. 28-30, in Queens, New York for a limited run.

In exciting news for fans of the performing arts and those with a eye for the socially conscious, Director Joyce Sylvester and Braata Productions recently celebrated the announcement that the award-winning play Aston Cooke’s Single Entry will be showing at The Milton G. Performing Arts Center at York College, in Queens, New York, from September 28th to September 30th, 2018.  The excitement surrounding the series of showings is high and rising.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about Single Entry being shown at this venue,”  commented Andrew Clarke, Executive Producer.   He further said, “We think both the venue and the community are perfect for Single Entry to be enjoyed to the fullest and are really looking forward to the experience and the feedback from patrons who attend, as with the first showing in Jamaica years ago, we expect opinions to be strong on the issues raised and the laughter to be equal to that.”

Jamaican immigrant experience on stage at York College, New York in the Award-winning play Single Entry

Aston Cooke, writer of Single Entry

Single Entry, written by Aston Cooke, tackles the issues surrounding immigration from a perspective that hasn’t been often explored, that of the lives of two working-class Jamaican women who are determined to leave their modest living in the Caribbean and once obtaining their single-entry visas making the United States their permanent home, no matter the challenges they face.  This is approached in a comedic way sure not just to cause laughter, but also to get the audience thinking about the American immigrant experience and how it is perceived and misperceived.

Once arriving in New York, the comedic adventure continues, when they are faced with challenge after challenge to adjust to their new country, and the way of life while staying true to themselves.

The talented cast includes Carlene Taylor, Marsha-Ann Hay, Curt Hampstead, Corey Grant, Ronald Millwood, and directed by Joyce Sylvester.

Director Joyce Sylvester mentions, “With all the arguments regarding immigration in our country in the times we are living in, we felt it important to shine light on the immigrant reality in this whole conversation. So much is being said about why America doesn’t want immigrants here, but few understand what they go through to get to the United States, to begin with, merely following their desire to earn an honest living and live a life with more possibilities.”

Jamaican immigrant experience on stage at York College, New York in the Award-winning play Single Entry

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and Council Member’s Daneek Miller and Rory Lancman.

Braata Productions is a not-for-profit, Caribbean performing arts and education organization dedicated to showcasing Caribbean culture, history, lifestyle, traditions, and customs, through folk music, arts and theatre.

For more information & tickets: www.braataproductions.org or www.yorkpac.com or call 917-668-2209 or 718-262-2840



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