Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is going out of business

For approximately 111 eleven years and counting, the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) has been home to a plethora of animals ranging in types and breeds. They have established a name for themselves over the years since inception by taking in and caring for the animals. These animals are either rescued from off the streets, found in dangerous situations or in volatile areas. They are then brought into safety, an animal shelter, clinic and home to many on Winchester Road. Nursing the injured, sick and those who suffered a great deal back to health; these animals are given a ‘second lease on life in the care and nurturing arms of the organization. The animals are loved by qualified veterinarians, volunteers and staff.

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The clinic is a government owned facility in the city of Kingston, Jamaica, which treats all animal patients regardless of their owner’s ability to pay. They offer services such as veterinary services (including surgery), educational and training in the rights and protection of animals, spay and neutering of animals and animal removal. The organization, founded by Lady Lumb in 1904, has maintained good relationships with various Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in the United States and the Caribbean. JSPCA has earned its popularity and reputation through its medical procedures and adoption services as well as the customer service which has impressed many over the years.

“Leo, a German shepherd mix was homeless and suffering from heart worm, tick fever and mange. Volunteers found Leo and nursed him back to health and in as little as two months he was transformed drastically and since has been adopted by a family where he is happy.” – Owner

This is just one testimonial from thousands of happy persons of an organization that is concerned for the welfare of the animals. The JSPCA animals and animals which have been helped by the organization have indeed been saved.

Sad news however falls upon the non-profit facility, as time is running out for the animal safe-house. JSPCA has revealed that they are to be evicted in less than six months. Having been initially given notice in 2013 when the property was listed for sale, it is now out of options as the Supreme Court order an eviction notice draws near. Unfortunately, the organization has not been successful in getting another place that fits their needs, of which most importantly are space, maximum protection for the animals and centrality of location. The welfare of the animals is dependent on the ability to find a safe and adequate location before the November 1, 2015 deadline. Moving the clinic, pharmacy and over two hundred animals seems quite difficult and stress inducing for both the staff and animals.

In an attempt to protect the animals, the staff is making an appeal to the public to adopt the animals.

“We encourage persons to come and adopt, because of the amount of animals we receive daily,”  the director of JSPCA says.

Persons wonder what happens at this point in time, when this organization is such an integral part of the society and plays an important role. Animals make up a large portion of the society and owners spend a lot in the maintenance and caring for their pets. It’s undeniable that domestic animals bring joy to the households of owners and their welfare becomes a part of the family’s lifestyle. With the strain of the economy and the financial constraints which plague citizens, the organization allowed animals to get proper healthcare without burning a hole in the pockets of their owners.

With this said a petition to therefore revoke the order by the Supreme Court and ultimately save this organization from being evicted is being circulated. All residents of Jamaica and those who are pet-lovers are urged to sign in order to make a difference and continue the operation of the organization on Winchester Road.

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By Alexandra Daley



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