Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee distributors and retailers

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Toronto, Canada…March 15, 2012.

Have you ever considered doing business in the coffee industry? Do you want to become a distributor or a retailer? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then here is your chance to become a part of a great business venture.

Today, your search for the right opportunity to enter the coffee market is over.

We are currently seeking distributors and retailers to resell Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee, the world renowned brew from Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. We are currently expanding our distribution channels and have opened the product to new and seasoned business minded individuals who are interested in selling Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee either online, or through traditional means.

Oscar Monsanto, Organo Gold® Independent Distributor, states, “There are opportunities for good profit margins, we have great relationships with our manufacturers, and we would like to put the product in your hands as a distributor or a retailer.”

Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is one of the World's most sought after and most delicious coffees. This unadulterated extract is the treasured product of groves of coffee trees which carpet the mountain sides of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. Flowing from crushed, brown coffee beans is the rich, golden liquid: the one that has delighted taste buds for decades.

In fact, Jamaican producers have been perfecting their coffee bean farming for over a century. Workers individually hand sort rich Arabica beans, ensuring premium quality. Only coffee beans that are certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica may use the Jamaica Blue Mountain label. The coffee is processed in adherence to the most rigorous quality standards in the world, resulting in an appeasing and inimitable aroma of the saccharine, fruity, and zesty harmonious tang; a fresh taste and rich aroma that is second to none.

To even further ensure exceeding quality, Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is now infused with Organo Gold's® 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Spore Powder Extract. By using only the highest quality ingredients available, Organo Gold's® Premium Gourmet Royal Brewed Coffee is fit for royalty.

We share the philosophy and passion for delivering high quality products which enhance healthy lifestyles. With you on our team, as a selected distributor or retailer of the world’s premium coffee, we look forward to placing even greater emphasis on ensuring that Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is enjoyed by more individuals worldwide.

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