IWAA Hosts its 5th International Women Achiever’s Awards Gala in Toronto, Canada

Global Awareness to POSITIVE Body Image for women and young girls

The IWAA gala is held during the International Women’s month to celebrate and honor the accomplishments and contributions of women from all over the world.

The ceremony helps to underscore the paramount role played by women in society and is a way in which the awardees are celebrated. These are women who have distinguished themselves in various fields in life and have positively impacted others.

IWAA Hosts its 5th International Women Achiever's Award Gala in Toronto, Canada

The Awards gala will be held on March 5, 2016 at the Jamaican Canadian Association, 995 Arrow Road, Toronto, Canada at 5 p.m. The evening will commence with a Red Carpet reception which will be followed by dinner and the awards ceremony.  National and Overseas guests will be in attendance at this much anticipated gala event.

IWAA Hosts its 5th International Women Achiever's Awards Gala in Toronto, Canada

Almas Jiwani

Almas Jiwani will be the Keynote Speaker, she is the President & CEO of the UN Women National Committee and the Guest Speaker for the event is Arlene Davis.

A global voice for gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, Almas Jiwani says, quote marksPeople often ask me why we choose to focus specifically on women.  My answer is simple – we focus on women and girls because evidence accrued over decades of international development work has proven that the status and role of women is the best clue to a nation’s growth potential, and is a key factor in determining a society’s standard of living.”

The 2016 Awards Night is dedicated to Global Awareness to POSITIVE Body Image for women and young girls.

The event will be hosted by actress Mishael Morgan, of the famous The Young & the Restless and Nikki Clarke, founder of the Nikki Clarke Network. Musical entertainment and performances will be provided by Liberty Silver, Kate Todd, Brittney Brodie, and others.

IWAA’s mission is to empower young women, so they too can reach their goals. The organization brings together women from across the globe and recognizes their accomplishments.

IWAA has partnered with Plan Canada Because I am a girl campaign and part proceeds will be donated to the organization. Plan Canada is a charitable organization that aims to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of children, families and communities in developing countries.

IWAA Hosts its 5th International Women Achiever's Awards Gala in Toronto, Canada

Princess M. Boucher

Princess M. Boucher, president /CEO of International Women Achievers’ Awards and Princess Fae Peer Mediation Centre (PFPMC), is quite confident that this event will continue to inspire and motivate women and young girls all over to the world to do the best that they can to make the world a better place.

Boucher is a former candidate for Brampton and Toronto City Councilor; she is actively involved in many community development and humanitarian projects which include supporting youth, women and seniors.

For more information please contact IWAA.

By Karl A. Haughton



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