IWAA Honours Aspiring Neurosurgeon Idara Edem

Indara Edem

Idara Edem has been honoured by the International Women Achievers’ Award (IWAA) with the Women Most Likely to Succeed Award. This award recognizes a young woman who demonstrates fundamental traits for success at every stage of her life.

Idara Edem will receive this award in Toronto, Canada on March 16, 2013. The award is presented by the International Women Achievers’ Awards, a Canadian based organization. To learn more please visit IWAA.

Idara was born on January 1, 1988 in Lagos, Nigeria.  She move to Canada at an early age and her father impressed upon her to become a physician.  She says, “Although the idea seemed intriguing, I would always vehemently refuse, as I planned to become a newscaster.”  Her early studies in high school focused on being a newscaster.  However, everything changed when she first encountered the neurosciences during a Career Studies class as a grade 10 student.

Idara said, “I read a magazine article about a neurosurgeon from Alberta who was volunteering in a Turkish town, performing operations and teaching the few neurosurgeons in the area.  To think that one could actually invade the walls of the skull to manipulate the hallowed structure of the brain was awe-inspiring.”  She cherishes that moment, since then whenever the neurosciences come to her mind she has never thought otherwise about her career.

Her thirst for knowledge of the neurosciences led her to apply to the Neurosciences program for her undergraduate degree.  She graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. Honours degree as a Specialist in Neuroscience and minors in Psychology and African Studies.  She was admitted to medical school at Queen's University in 2009, where her love of the neurosciences has blossomed. 

Idara is currently completing her final year of medical school and traveling across Canada for residency interviews.



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