It’s 2013! Time to Recover-Regroup-Repair & Prepare for the New Year

After the indulgences (and over indulgences) of the holiday it’s time to cut back and get back on track but how to do that exactly? Try some of these techniques to remedy the after effects of the Christmas holidays.

Over-indulging on the alcohol and sweets can feel so good at the time you’re surrounded by the festivities but indulging too much on those items ultimately lead to a lot of discomfort in the end (not to mention the possible increase in health risks associated with too many fats and sugars). Now is the time to put a stop to those indulging foods and drinks and ease your way back onto a healthy track.

But don’t fret as the changes don’t have to be made with a sudden switch to “all healthy substitutes” in your attempt to reverse your holiday indulgences. Research has found that a sudden transition from the comfort foods can put you at risk and result in symptoms similar to people who suffer from withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and/or drugs. A slow and simple approach to healthy eating can indeed be kinder to your mind and body.

Begin each day with a glass of a healthy drink: this can range from green tea, a diluted lime juice, to simply purified water. Also keep in mind that these drinks can be taken throughout the day.  The New Year can also be a good time to consider a cleansing or detoxification system for your body. Your doctor can help you to determine a process that is safe for you.

Choose to establish a healthy diet with balance amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins spaced at three-hour intervals, five to six times a day. Eating a healthy meal frequently in smaller portions will keep your energy at the optimum level and prevent you from over eating.

A tip: supplement your diet with foods high in magnesium, such as almonds to help the organs to cope with the stress detoxifying from holiday foods. Alkaline foods such as kale and parsley are essential in reducing the acidity of your body after the holiday season, healing inflammations, and keeping the blood sugars in check.

Adding yogurt smoothie for your snack time is also beneficial as probiotics contained in these fermented products are useful to deep-clean the intestines as well as restoring the healthy ratio of ‘good’ bacteria. This way you will boost your immunity and help to ward off many minor to serious infections and diseases.

Apart from including healthy elements into your diet, it is important that you avoid any foods that will only worsen your condition and affect your health regime adversely. Avoid stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, and alcohol as well as processed and refined foods. Drink plenty of water and catch up on the sleep that may have been lost during the holiday season.

Make use of these tips to plan your daily meals and exercise routine and you’ll notice the difference. You will feel lighter, stronger, and definitely healthier ready to take on the challenges of the New Year. 



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