Israel Sole Supporter of US Blockade Against Cuba

At the UN: Israel alone supports US blockade against Cuba

In a U.N. vote that has become something of a tradition, only one country agreed with the United States that its embargo of Cuba should continue. The UN General Assembly approved today by 188 votes in favor, two against and three abstentions, out of a total of 193, a draft resolution demanding the end of the United States blockade on Cuba for the 22nd consecutive year.

Oct 30 Cuba At the UNAccording to the individual votes list, the United States and Israel voted against and Micronesia, Palau and Marshall islands, abstained.

“The U.S. policy against Cuba is suffering from an absolute international isolation and discredit and lacks every ethical or legal ground,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said.   Rodriguez noted that while restrictions have eased somewhat, “sanctions remain intact and are being fully implemented.”

According to a report introduced by Parrilla (and reproduced online by Cuba’s state agency Granma), the embargo has cost Cuba more than $1.1 trillion since it first began.

“Because of its declared purpose, the political, legal and administrative framework on which the blockade rests qualifies as an act of genocide,” the report says. Read more here!



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