Is Honduras the best choice when visiting the Caribbean?


May 09, 2014

Who has never dreamed of visiting the Caribbean? It's a must-see destination for lovers of the most beautiful places on the planet, for those who dream of swimming in turquoise seas, surrounded by coral reefs, and getting to know different cultures and countries. That dream today can come true easily thanks to the large number of cruise companies that take millions of people from all over the world to those natural paradises, offering such a variety of destination packages that the tourist's decision comes to be made based on price or those attractive details found in promotional brochures, an often difficult decision because of the truly tempting options over all.

However, if the traveler's decision is complicated, just imagine how it must be for the cruise companies when it comes to selecting a new destination to offer, which begs the question of what additional attractions that new destination should have to attract tourists. It's a question that eliminates many places hoping to be placed on the cruise companies' list of top picks.

But this is not the case with Honduras. This year the country launched its Banana Coast operations, the new cruise ship port located in the port of Trujillo, a place that offers much more than the Caribbean.

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