Is Garfield ‘Bad boy Trevor’ Reid ready for good in Scandal ?

Garfield Reid, also known as “Bad Boy Trevor” is a popular playwright, director, and actor.  He has performed in over fifteen productions, many of which he has written and directed — Hatta Claps, Story come to Bump, Rompin in my Room, Guns and Roses, Twice my Age, Ants Inna Yuh Milk, PassaPassa Pt 2 and Badmind — are some of his most popular works. 

Garfield is credited for penning Stages Productions' most known and first production “Bashment Granny”, He then followed that with creating the hit ‘Shebada Comes to Town’ and Bashment Granny part 2. Reid has continued to assist in writing and directing productions for Stages and occasionally appearing in some of these productions alongside some of Jamaica’s most alluring actors, in productions such as Like Father like Son, Money Worries and The Plumber

He is currently appearing as ‘Blue’ in Michael Denton’s, Scandal, which is produced by Stages Productions.

As an actor, writer, director and producer, Reid rose to theatrical prominence in Michael Denton’s hit play Hearsey.  Can Denton’s work continue to propel him? 

Reid will be appearing as ‘Blue’ Denton’s masterpiece — SCANDAL — See him in Maryland on Sunday, September 22, 2013.  Visit for details.

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