Is Aruba the perfect wedding destination?

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Aruba is one of the many countries of the Caribbean and with its pristine beaches, tropical climate, and overall rage as a secluded perfect romantic getaway, who wouldn’t want to have their special day in this beautiful country. Don’t believe me? Destination Wedding named Aruba’s Eagle Beach one of the Best Caribbean Beaches for Weddings, not to mention, Top Honeymoon Destination by Brides Magazine.

Is Aruba the perfect wedding destination 2Aruba, with Bonaire and Curacao, form the ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles. The 82-degree all year round country is situated in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea and approximately seventeen miles north of Venezuela, and is home to some of the most culturally blessed and engaging people in the world.  (Photo Credit:

Oranjestad, the capital, has miles of beaches on which to host your wedding day, as most of these have been named top in the world. The wedding planners are experienced and ready to serve you, to aid in making your once or twice in a life-time event memorable. With a wide variety of hotels and all-inclusive resorts to suit your style to choose from, the staff provides you with comfort, as you embark on your joined journey to happiness and the scenery on which you recite your vows is truly breathtaking.

Is Aruba the perfect wedding destination 3Not convinced yet? Why not set your taste buds on their delectable cuisine or take a gander at diving, windsurfing, or sit back and relax on one or their tours of the country and national park?

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Gouda-glazed keshi yena is the most favored dish of Aruba and other favorites influenced by a mixture of different cultures including European, Dutch, Caribbean and South American are served on menus across the country. Also, Caribbean jerk ribs, Pan Bati, Funchi and Spanish tapas are only a few delicacies among others of the country to leave you satisfied in this food lover’s paradise, as rich cultural diversity is portrayed in every meal.

Aruba was deemed one of the top diving destinations by Scuba Diving Magazine, and Windsurfing, known as a perfect adventure sport destination, are among the many things to do in the country. The Arikok National Park covers approximately twenty percent of the island and is the country’s National Park, home to much wildlife, like the Aruba island rattlesnake, unique rock formations and cacti, this desert nature preserve, the largest preserve in the Caribbean, is a one in a million experience opportunity.

 Although the country speaks predominantly Papiamento, a Creole language having Amerindian, English and Dutch influences but derived from African and Portuguese languages, due to tourism Aruba adopted the English language to increase their tourist attraction status and marketability.

Aruba celebrates with different festivals including ‘Dia di San Juan’, ‘Dia di La Reina’, Carnival,  and the traditional holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year and Halloween. The diversity of Aruba is vast as according to the Bureau Burgelijke Stand en Bevolkingsregister (BBSB), there are 92 different nationalities living on the island, so tourists are guaranteed a country rich with culture.

A wedding day is a memorable one, and the best Caribbean destination is Aruba.

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By Alexandra Daley

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