Important Facts on Breasts and Sagging

Are you one of those adult women who start to notice the drooping or sagging of your breasts? Or, do you wonder why some adult women in a certain age group maintain those perky and youthful looking breasts while others have already lost their self-confidence because their breasts have sagged?

Then, you should read and take note of the following information about breasts and sagging, its causes, and the possible solutions you could implement to improve the appearance of your sagging breasts.

The causes of breast sagging

If you would consult a doctor about this concern, you’ll be presented with a couple of reasons why human breasts sag.

–          It’s a natural part of the aging process. Of course, the first cause of loosing the firmness of your breasts is aging. Similar with your skin that sags and muscles becoming loose, your breasts also experience the same faith as you age. How fast this cycle of aging goes will usually depend on your genes. This is the reason why you can see adult or even senior women who still have perky breasts considering their age.

–          Caused by gravity. Your breasts have their own weight and are usually pulled downwards by gravity. This constant pulling effect results in the stretching of your breasts’ muscles and ligaments which eventually makes them loose.

–          Weight loss. If you have extra body weight before and have managed to become fit and slim again, your breasts could also lose some of its fats and sag.

–          Breasts sag after ceasing to breastfeed. Another beauty of the human breasts is that it augments during pregnancy and continues to be firm and full while moms are breastfeeding. But when breastfeeding stops, the inactive mammary glands cause shrinkage and looseness.

Solutions to sagging breasts

As mentioned above, every woman will experience the loss of breast firmness. But, there are several measures, solutions, and even medical procedures you can implement or avail just to bring back that firmness.

breast sagging

–          Breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is by far the most popular cosmetic procedure administered to patients wanting not only to increase the size but also improve the appearance and firmness of the breast. Breast enlargement involves the insertion of breast implants inside the sagging breasts.

–          Breast enhancement exercises. A natural alternative is to perform exercises that help counter the effects of gravity or perhaps improve the muscles found underneath the breasts.

–          Breast enlargement pills. There are also several pills and supplements available on the market which promise or claim they could improve your loose breasts’ appearance.

–          Wearing the right support or push-up bras. Most experts and majority of women note that simple choices of the best brassieres are more than enough to counter the effects of breast sagging and shrinkage.

Bras as natural breast enhancements

woman in bra

Included in the solutions for the sagging of women’s breasts is the wearing of proper bras. But, do bras really help? Up until now, there’s no clear-cut statement from the medical field of their effectiveness. It is still a much debated issue up to now. But there are two things that are certain how bras help solve sagging breasts. One; brassieres especially the thickly padded ones help improve the breasts’ appearance naturally by acting as natural breast lifts. And two; that these undergarments provide that needed support when moving or exercising and counteracting the effects of gravity.

What do you think? What are your experiences in wearing the so called magic bras that claim to improve the appearance of sagging and loose breasts?

By Liya Das



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