Important Facts About Your Make Up!

Will this Makeup Increase My Beauty?

It’s not uncommon for us to wear makeup in order to make us appear beautiful with flawless skin. With various beauty products available, one might wonder if to wear a makeup is a must whenever you are out. Read on if this applies to you and perhaps you may rethink if makeup is important for your beauty.

MAKE UPAround the world the experts have said this every time; to wear makeup is to enhance beauty and natural features, making them beautiful and not faking it. But sadly, this is what nearly everyone of us fails to realise. We think our vanity is too important to lose that we have countless beauty products for specific purpose, all to make our skin look youthful and flawless always. Going bare face or at least a hint of makeup just to look natural is like a suicide.

Important Facts about Make up

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Natural makeup is what you really need to use and not the conventional beauty products that are full with synthetic chemicals and various additives. In fact, your natural features and confidence will show through even with lack of makeup.

Plus these synthetic chemicals are so commonly available that they’re in numerous products like cleaning detergents to packed foods (and don’t be fooled with the word ‘natural’ on the label because it’s very likely to be synthetic too). Over time these synthetics are collected in your body, affecting your health and various fatal diseases can emerge.

Let’s look at some of the commonly used synthetics in beauty products out there:

Triclosan is common in beauty products and it’s supposedly used to kill bacteria although it’s initially made for medical professionals during surgery. Petrolatum is obviously derived from petroleum and made mostly for moisturizers by forming an oily layer to trap moisture into your skin although it can cause negative effects.

And don’t be fooled by the word ‘fragrance’. This compound is actually carcinogenic and can be anything within 4000 of separate synthetic ingredients, causing you dizziness, vomiting, irritations, and even depression.

Two other synthetic ingredients common in cosmetics are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). They are often used together in formulations to create foam although initially it’s used in surfactants and carwash soaps. The effects of these compounds are no good, from severe skin irritation, severe skin irritation, diarrhea, and even death.

Is it still a good idea for you to use synthetic chemicals full in your makeup and beauty products while your health is at risk? Are you on your way to show your true beauty? Share with us and tell if you have fabulous ideas to look beautiful and healthy naturally.

By Liya Das



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