I’m Delahaye a scientist by profession but a traveler by birth: Hues of Delahaye

I'm Delahaye a scientist by profession but a traveler by birth: Hues of Delahaye

Delahaye in Osaka, Japan

“Live in the moment and be grateful for what is around me.” – Hues of Delahaye

Millennials have given previous generations a run for their money when it comes to being more fluid in terms of preferences in their relationships, careers, their decisions, goals, and their overall lifestyle. Gone are the days where you marry young and take on a housewife role while your husband is the breadwinner; this is the age of independence and equality and women are making strides in business, technology, science, the arts, travel, and many more careers.

I'm Delahaye a scientist by profession but a traveler by birth: Hues of DelahayeDelahaye, a proud Jamaican hailing from the parish of St.Catherine, is one such lady who has found her niche and passion for traveling. Today, we feature her, and her travel blog, where she imparts advice to start saving towards living your best travel life.

You would be amazed that she has been to twenty-three countries and counties in the last few years while working full time. No, she doesn’t have extra hours in the day, she just, like anyone else with passion and determination, has found a way to do what she enjoys within her budget.

“My tip for budgeting for travel is to set aside a specific amount every month in a designated account for travel. This way you are saving little by little for your travels and it will not seem like a major investment as you would have already had the money saved up.” – Hues of Delahaye.

Truth is, she saved all the money she could while she was employed in her first job after being a university graduate and used it to go to Europe. The love of travel just grew madly from there because she had a great connection with the people, food, culture and the experience she had that her love of travel developed over the years. She has made it her goal to travel to a new place or country every year and has been doing a great job at fulfilling her plans as a seasoned traveler. She advises that once persons are strategic with their annual job leave and public holidays, they are able to travel to multiple countries in one trip.

Like most millennials living in the social and technological age, she decided to create a blog to commemorate her sojourns, and she has even shared her travel itineraries, travel tips, and lifestyle hacks during her short term travels. Her blog is called Hues of Delahaye and she also makes use of social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook visit her  Youtube to also visually journal her journey.

I'm Delahaye a scientist by profession but a traveler by birth: Hues of Delahaye

Delahaye trekking up the great wall of China

Delahaye says, “I’m Delahaye a scientist by profession but a traveler by birth.”

Hues of Delahaye is a London based travel and lifestyle blog from a Jamaican gal with a 9 to 5. My aim is to show people they can still travel even with a full-time job. My blog focuses on short-term travel itineraries, city breaks, cool London travel tips and lifestyle hacks for people with limited time. Served up with a dollop of my sarcastic Jamaican humor. In hopes to inspire you to not only travel more but travel smartly.”

When traveling, her must-haves are travel insurance, lip-gloss, sunscreen, walking shoes and sandals, and a currency free travel card.

So far her favorite destination is Japan because of the unique experience she had there which was unlike no other (especially seeing a Geisha); Japanese food and culture were amazing and the country is very efficient and purpose driven and the people are so welcoming and thoughtful. While she loves Japan, her favorite weekend getaway was Amsterdam since she found the people, food and beautiful eclectic city mesmerizing.

“I love to buy beauty products when I’m traveling, especially for brands that aren’t in the United Kingdom. Like when I visited Korea, I spend half my money on beauty products. I will buy any beauty products I see—face-masks, lipsticks, eye pencils—it doesn’t matter. I buy them all to try.” – Hues of Delahaye

When comparing Jamaica to anywhere else in the world, the Philippines comes to mind mainly because of the proudness and warmth of its people. Delahaye said that the island of Bohol reminded her of Jamaica for its lush greenery, water sports, and sandy beaches.

Notably, Delahaye has a far way to go as she wants to visit more countries like Maldives and Singapore to name a few off the top of her head. Wherever she or other millennial Jamaican travelers decide to go, we readers will definitely be living vicariously through their travel photos and maybe one day be so enticed to start a travel journey of our own!

Best of luck on your travel blog and goals, and we look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

By Alexandra Daley



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