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The college lifestyle in Jamaica and the Caribbean is starkly different from American universities, not to mention a step up the ladder of success from the high school phase in a person’s life.

Filled with times where you would rather skip a class and pressure that affects you down to your core, university, especially the University of the West Indies is one university that isn’t a free for all, but which accredited upstanding university is?

With fees totalling over JA $240,000 per year for the faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, Pure and Applied sciences to over JA $1m for the Faculties of Law and Medicine, one can’t afford to miss a class. If you are sick you need to take a visit to the on campus Health Centre, and if you miss a class might as well miss the week because you’d be lost thinking you can just ‘catch up’.

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Then there is social life. The campuses branching off under the UWI name is one of the most culturally diverse campuses in the Caribbean. With a mixture of all races, classes, social, political and religious views and a medium to express oneself, it is guaranteed that you will learn something every day. Sports, the performing arts and festivities are a huge part in the college experience, making your three to four and for some six year stay worthwhile and memorable.

There is a large-scale UWI Games event running from the end of May to early June where student of all the UWI campuses come together at the UWI Mona campus to compete in all of the sports including track and field, tennis, football, swimming, etc. Next there is the performing arts, where one can express themselves, and parties where students are allowed a channel to ‘let off some steam’. The campus also makes available numerous clubs and activities to build lifelong skills such as mentorship, community building and leadership.

The UWI campus also fosters a wide range of extremely intellectual and well educated lecturers who have so many letters behind their names signifying qualifications that it would be only appropriate to say that at the campus we ‘learn from the best’.

At the campus you can learn at most anything ranging from how to become a journalist, psychologist, engineer, scientist, lawyer, businesswoman or doctor to name a few. With all those outlets, there is still availability to do cross faculty courses, and either double major, do a major and a minor, or a major and two minors.

I love UWI because with its lush environment and space to breathe and grow as an individual, it fosters students to be the best they can possible be and with professional teachers to impart their knowledge of academics and life lessons, it is, to me the best place to get an accredited degree.

By: Alexandra Daley



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