I Love Guyana Because…….

I Love Guyana Because 1Photo Credit: tibbstravels.blogspot.com

“The land of the waters”, this unique country is located in the northern part of South America and one of its mainland territories, but still seen as a country of the Caribbean. With a population of 750,000 people, the majority of inhabitants are of African and Indian descendent, with traces of Amerindian, European, Chinese and American. However, these various individuals from different backgrounds add to the country’s diversity.

Guyana is the only English-speaking countries of the South America, so the numerous opportunities for the country to engage in trading and export is one of which no other country is granted due to language constraints.

The culture of Guyana is influenced by their predecessors and neighbouring countries, namely African, Dutch, Brazilian, Indian, Chinese, Spanish and British cultures. In the year 1615, when the Europeans came to the country, they made attempts at colonizing the country under their power. Their practices, values, culture and way of life was imposed on the lives of the Guyanese and to this day is the main influence of the country’s people.  The Dutch had influences also as they settled in the remote areas of Demerara, Essequibo and Berbice and later on the Indian traded individuals inhabited the Dutch’s river plantations.

The cuisines influenced by the Chinese and Indian cultures, is seen portrayed throughout Guyana. The dishes have been ‘mimicked’ from other ethos, but Guyana holdfast to their own, in that their food is primarily seafood and Creole dishes and fruit juices. Most of Guyana’s cuisine constitute cassareep, eddoes, coconut milk, black-eyed peas, dasheen, cassava, plantains-of which are locally grown-, fish and crab, pig tail and the flavourful curry and roti.

I Love Guyana Because bird1Guyana’s rainforest real estate has been preserved for decades and is gaining attention internationally as it is the country’ s biggest achievement among others. The country’s vast space lends home to many animals and apart from the rainforest, the rivers and other coastal attractions allows one to experience critter-spotting, turtle nesting, canoeing and bird-watching. (Photo Credit: MRMinSF, July 2010)

Although there is a large sense of cultural diffusion in the country, as many cultures are seen widespread throughout the Guyanese culture, they still possess aspects of individuality. The sport praised in Guyana is cricket and soccer and their painting and sculpting is exceedingly developed. Not to mention their celebrations such as Diwali, Wildlife Month, Carifest and Amerindian Heritage Month which contribute to the inimitability of the country.

I Love Guyana Because carnivalFavoured by tourists around the world, this tropical climate country has earned its title as a Caribbean territory. This low populated, off the radar, rustic tropical country is the opportunity for a unique experience and is the best place for tourists seeking a get-away to tour the truly magnificent sun kissed  panorama of uninhabited wilderness, the countless stretches of the rainforest flooded with wildlife and the humid savannahs. In short, it is a reward in itself, and unknown by many tourists, Guyana is a truly one of a kind travel destination and a diverse mix of culture and nature. (Photo Credit: guyanatimesinternational.com)

By: Alexandra Daley



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