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Margaret is an experienced thespian. Her theatre resume rivals many. She is one of the actors revered by Delcita. She was handpicked for this production because of her dynamic stage presence. A former member of the Balfour Anderson team.

She has performed extensively in Jamaica in many successful productions including, Bun Fi Bun and Fudgy. She has also performed in the USA and Canada.


Courthouse Drama Maryland - Front

In the colourful landscape of Jamaican theater, the characters created in popular plays tend to take on a larger-than-life presence; spawning their very own fan base and allegiance of diehard followers. In every way imaginable, the character ‘Delcita’, portrayed by actress Andrea Wright, rings true to this phenomenon. Since Delcita's character was re-launched in 2008, Jamaican theater has not been the same. Theatregoers continuously flock to see Delcita on stage.

Last season, at the end of her sold out tour in Canada; she heeded the wishes of her fans and decided it was time to find new management and offer more wholesome yet comedic productions.  Andrea "Delcita" Wright is once again ready to command the stage in her new production, Court House

Drama, which is written by Paul Beale.

The major goals of Court House Drama are:

  • To expose Jamaicans to Learning disabilities and difficulties
  • To artfully demonstrate how these conditions affect children     and adults
  • To create more awareness of support offered by government agencies
  • To enhance support through sharpened community acceptance and parenting skills
  • To comfort those who are affected
  • To equip adults with coping strategies

Delcita is even more colorful with her Learning disability. She is frustrated as the government has decided to use her as an experiment in a pilot, ‘slow learners’ program. To compound issues, her favorite teacher has serious relationship issues and Delcita finds herself teaching life skills to her.

– The blind and the dumb – …..Is taking the government to court a little too ambitious for Delcita?  Court House Drama will decide on many issues.

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