I Am An African

I Am An African

Jamaicans, Haitians, Trinidadians,
Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Americans too
Peter Tosh said it best,
It’s time we over stand
No matter where you come from
As long as you’re a black man,
You’re an African.

From Savages to Slaves
Scattered, thousands lost at sea
Negros to Colored
How many more did they hang on a tree
Afro American to African American
Given a few passes
Accepted by the masses
Finally joining the division of classes

Despite all that
We’re still Black
Africans lost in America
The racism continues,
Will it ever stop
No longer lynched in the dark of the night
Recklessly, gunned down in the street
In broad day light

Even a blind man can see that it’s wrong

Marvin Gaye asked, “What’s Going On”
Look around
There’s still a communication breakdown
The injustice, inequality,
The inhumanity
Brothers, sisters we’ve got to find a way
To bring some understanding here today.

Separated by class
Divided by creed
We’ve sold our birthright
because of our greed
In spite our differences, our beliefs
I know that there’s still honor among thieves

Let’s not be weary in well doing
For in due season, we will reap what we sew
We’ve come a long way
The journey’s not over
We still further to go

It’s full time we come together as one
One Aim, One God , One Destiny
Let’s cry out for equality, justice
For without justice
There will be no peace
We’ve got to find a way
To bring some loving here today.

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2016
©Copyright 2016. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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