How do we get Around the World Curly?

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“Sorry”, Beyonce said it, “you better call Becky with the ‘good hair”. Are you a ‘Becky’? Where do you live, in the Caribbean, or abroad? What if as women we were able to be our own version of Becky?

No need to be sorry, now you can get to go ‘Around the World Curly’. Together, the dynamic and creative Alicia Dunwell and Jeanelle Tyson of Around the World Curly are now providing you with the option of being your own Becky and accentuating your natural curls.

How do we get Around the World Curly?

Jeanelle Tyson (L) and Alicia Dunwell (R), founders of Around the World Curly LLC

Dunwell, a Jamaican born US-native understands that women and men alike appreciate that hair is an integral element of beauty.  Tyson understands the fight of some women to not cover up their natural curls with the popular lace front wig.

Dunwell explained that apart from cover-up wigs, it was a great challenge to get that hair that didn’t tangle and add stress to that morning routine. It was in considering how women around the world would also be struggling with their curls that are not like ‘Becky’s’ curl pattern, that the idea was born.

Tyson, a Grenadian born US-native who has been wearing her hair natural for half a decade, like Dunwell, often wears one of the curly weaves carried by the company. Tyson, an avid Carnival enthusiast, can often be seen adorned in that easy to manage hair during the festivities of Caribbean Carnivals.

How do we get Around the World Curly?

Promoting self-love and acceptance, this US-based duo encourages women from different cultures to embrace their own curly. Dunwell explained that there are many curl patterns and for this reason, Around the World Curly LLC begins working with their clients by providing consulting services about curl patterns; thereby helping clients discover their unique curl pattern. This service is provided as clients submit their photos and/or videos. Only after determining their client’s hair curl pattern do they then recommend the type of 100% virgin human curly hair for purchase, made easy through their online store. Often, three bundles are enough to give clients their choice of curly, and these ladies have made it easy for their female clients by providing three-bundle deals.

How do we get Around the World Curly?

Around the World Curly has also found a way to integrate around the world curvy with Tyson’s waist beads. During her Carnival touring time, Tyson discovered that women admire both her curls and her waist beads accentuating her curves. Out of the expressed desires, Around the World Curly also offers handmade customized beads available at their store.

Waist Beads were traditionally worn to show royalty, for adornment, deification, and decoration. Tyson noted that “Often, clients enjoy wearing with their costumes, bath suits, cropped tops and jeans and everyday wear.”

Around the World Curly LLC provides a weight management tool by way of their waist beads. Notably, waist beads are being used in North America as a tool to help control weight gain, since as the beads get tighter, you know you’re gaining a few pounds allowing you to take action sooner rather than later. Unlike your curls, it’s important to take them off at night.

Beyond helping women embrace their ‘Becky’, Around the World Curly LLC provides the hair product for women working with curls, that is durable, cost-effective, minimize shedding, does not tangle and requires low maintenance. This hair is 100 % virgin human curly hair which is processed chemically free by deep steaming to create the different curl patterns that clients eventually enjoy.

Learn more at Around the World Curly.

By Kerriann Toby

Kerriann Toby

Kerriann Toby is a dynamic therapist currently pursuing her Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD). She is a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and has trained as a cyber counselor. Her areas of experience, expertise, and interest include child development, sexual and reproductive health, gender-related matters, marriage and family life and promoting the idea of positive psychology, using strengths to support mental health and wellbeing.

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