HIV Woes! – Maliciously Infected Nurse Pleads for Aid from Government

HIV HORROR! – Nurse Infected After Being Stabbed By Patient Pleads With Government To Pay

By Ryon Jones, Jamaica-Gleaner

Hiv test

Hiv test

More than seven years after she was infected with HIV by a needle while working as a nurse at a hospital in central Jamaica, Lydia James* is yet to receive one red cent in compensation from the State even though the Government has accepted liability.

James, a mother of five, has been living with HIV since September 2007 when she was stuck in her buttocks by an HIV/AIDS patient on a ward.

Since then, the Government has accepted liability but is yet to pay her any of the US$1.7 million (approx J$200 million) she has demanded in compensation.

“Three years ago, I sent them my claim and they haven’t even written back to me,” James’ lawyer, Khadine Dixon, told The Sunday Gleaner.

“Their excuse is that the volume of the amount we are asking for need Cabinet approval,” added Dixon.

The parties have appeared in court on two occasions and, in both instances, the lawyers representing the State were not ready to go forward.

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Source: Jamaica-Gleaner



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