Hilton Hotels and the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a region filled with lot of diverse cultures and experiences which really add to the melting pot in international tourist attractions. Travelers near and far pride their visits to the Caribbean when they choose to travel during the spring, summer, winter or fall especially, and each season always brings a different experience which is unforgettable. It is undeniable that the Caribbean is home to destinations beyond our wildest dreams, filled with natural beauty and events.

Hotels provide its residents with access to pools, beaches, spas, restaurants, bars, skiing, tours and many more activities to peak their interests. You can also sample local Caribbean cuisine, all the rave from international critics and foodists alike.

One such hotel that offers the premier Caribbean experiences for tourists and citizens alike is the strand of Hilton hotels. In the first quarter of 2015, Hilton Worldwide’s Caribbean pipeline comprised of six hotels and one thousand two hundred and thirty-three rooms. This was a step up from the two hotels with only four hundred and seven rooms in the previous years.

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The Hilton Cartagena, with its Main & Executive Towers and its Convention Center is known as “The Best Place Anytime”. Thanks to its multiple facilities and services, has the great attribute to be able to host simultaneous events and conventions, giving also to its visitors the opportunity to enjoy relax and comfort. Surrounded by water its seems to be a ship sailing into the deep ocean. Photo courtesy of worldwidetophotels.com

The Hilton Hotels was originally founded by Conrad Hilton, and later became an international chain of full-service hotels and resorts under the brand Hilton Worldwide. The franchise has over nine hundred and fifty Hilton branded hotels across ninety one countries and six continents. Conrad Hilton was of the firm belief that hospitality had the ability to change the world and that it could bring people and their cultures together. Today, our people, innovations, brand and culture are committed to providing the richest and most worthwhile experiences the world has ever seen.

Bill Fortier, Hilton Worldwide’s senior vice president of development says “There are a lot of stuff happening in the Caribbean right now. We have opened hotels all over the Caribbean, the latest being a 150-suite embassy suites in the Dominican Republic in 2014. We even plan to open a 225-suite Embassy Suite in St Kitts in 2017.” Other Caribbean countries which have Hilton branches also include Barbados, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cartagena and Trinidad.

The brand, Hilton, remains one of the company’s ‘flagship’ brands and one of the largest brands for hotels in the world. They pride themselves in business and leisure travel with locations in major cities and convention centers, near airports. They are also located in popular vacation destinations around the world where they build vacation resorts and leisure-oriented hotels for tourists and business owners to enjoy.

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Photo courtesy of hotelvaness.com

“To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.”  and  “To be the preeminent global hospitality company – the first choice of guests, team members, and owners alike.”

– Hilton Hotel, Mission

By Alexandra Daley



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