Health Care Professionals To Serve The Cultural Communities Of The DC Metro Area

A new group is planning to bring healthcare straight to the people. Meet the Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Metro DC, a group of local nurses, doctors and health professionals that provide health education and services to the DC Metro area.

HCP Metro DC is a multi-cultural group of professionals and caring citizens of the Greater Washington DC area who are concerned with optimizing the health and wellness of all people especially the culturally diverse communities in the DC Metro area. One of their goals is to educate people on diseases that continue to kill 60-70% of adults worldwide including heart disease, hypertension, obesity, sleep apnea, diabetes and cancer. “Good health and education is the key to socio-economic advancement and joyous living,” says HCP Metro DC founder, Dr. Carol Jagdeo MD.


Dr. Jagdeo, a senior attending physician of Internal Medicine at The Washington Hospital Center and International medical consultant, specializes in Cardiovascular Medicine, Women’s Health and Mental Health.

carol2_opt A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Jagdeo has over twenty-five years experience in private practice in Washington, DC and the Caribbean. She was influenced by her patients to develop HCP after years of treating patients with cultural and language barriers. Because of these barriers, lack of health education and cultural ridicule, these patients continued to live with preventive diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. “I knew this work had to be done because people were dying” says Jagdeo, “HCP hopes to empower all people regardless of ethnic background, language, age, race or gender to personally take charge of their health.”

HCP is planning a pilot series of health caravans that will target multi-cultural communities by providing free community health events in community spaces such as salons, schools, churches and businesses. Dr. Jagdeo says, “We want to meet the people where they are. We have identified sites in the Latino, East and West African and Caribbean Communities to launch this initiative.  We hope to work collaboratively with the Public Health Departments in the Metro DC area as well as with private providers, churches, embassies and other interested parties to operationalize this project.”.

Their first initiative “Live Well, Be Well, Stay Healthy” will take place Saturday, April 12th at The University United Methodist Church at 3621 Campus Drive College Park, MD. The event is free and open to the public. Doctors and nurses will provide free health education and screenings, glucose and blood pressure testing and nutrition and ethnic cooking evaluations. 

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