Have you ever tried some Barbancourt?

Barbancourt Rhum

The majority of rum in Haiti is made from fresh sugar cane juice and therefore known as rhum. The majority of Haitians cannot afford a bottle of Haiti’s most famous export, Barbancourt, and as a result they will drink the very popular Clairin or moonshine. Only Haiti’s upper and middle classes can afford to buy a bottle of Barbancourt. Clairin is usually sold in small used bottles that once held some rum from the neighbouring Domincan Republic. Another method of buying this rum is to visit the local still with your own bottle and get it filled up.

Barbancourt Rhum is probably Haiti’s most famous export. It has a reputation as one of the world’s finest rums and has often been compared to the best French cognacs. Like many other old distilleries in the region, Barbancourt was established by a European immigrant who bought with them their distilling knowledge from their homeland.

It was a Frenchman from Charente, called Dupre Barbancourt who opened a rhum distillery in 1862 that became the famous rhum that we know and love today. This date is also the same time Don Facundo Bacardi was establishing his distillery in Santiago, Cuba. When Barbancourt came from France to the Caribbean he bought with him the same methods of distilling fine cognacs used in France. This method is called The Charentaise and is a double distillation method, firstly in a stainless steel column still, then repeated in a copper column still.

When the Maison Barbancourt was established in 1862 it did not produce its own sugar cane. Instead, it distilled its rhum from clairin and sugar cane juice purchased from other suppliers who met Barbancourt’s rigorous selection criteria.

Today Domaine Barbancourt grows about 30 to 40% of its own sugar cane on its 600 hectare estate. For this they employ over 250 people, who still cut the sugar cane by hand, which helps create jobs in a country where unemployment runs at about 70%. Indirect employment can account for as many as 20,000 jobs in the region, as they also buy cane from over 200 large and small growers from the Plaine du Cul de Sac. http://www.therumelier.com/id76.html


1 cl of Barbancourt 3-Stars Rum
2 cl of cane syrup
1cl of fresh
lemon juice
1/2 cl of bitters

In an old-fashioned glass pour the Barbancourt 3-Stars Rum, the cane syrup, the lemon juice and the 1/2 cl. of bitters, stir well. Use a lemon twist as garnish. An ice cube can also be added to taste.

Champs de Mars Daiquiri

2 ounces of 3-Stars Rhum Barbancourt
1 teaspoon of Maraschino
1 teaspoon of grenadine
Juice of half a lime
Mix well and serve over crushed ice in Cocktail Martini glass


Red Passion

4 cl of Barbancourt White Rum
0.5 cl of grenadine syrup
2 cl of lemon juice
In a shaker filled with ice, add grenadine, lemon juice and Barbancourt White Rum.
Mix well and serve in a Cocktail glass.




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