Grenada Builds New Parliamentary Building

After its parliamentary building was severely damaged by hurricane Ivan in 2004, Grenada has made significant strides in the way of establishing a new building for government officials. 

EDITED - Grenada’s..._July 15_page3_image1Image Credit:  Grenada’s old parliamentary building

Design by Local Architectural Firm

In an effort to arrive at a design, seven shortlisted Caribbean firms were judged under the criteria: modern design, functional layout, cost effectiveness, portrayal of Grenada’s Westminster traditions, incorporation of St Georges architectural heritage, green environmental footprint and landmark building. In the end, local architecture firm, COCOA Architecture was contracted to design the new building. COCOA was chosen from a group of seven finalists in a design competition, winning $30, 300. Trinidad’s ACLA Works came in second, with Grenada’s TVA Consultants coming in third. These firms earned $15,000 and $5,000 respectively.

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Image Credit: An artist’s impression of the new Parliament building by COCOA

The Design

The new design is a powerful symbol of strength, redirection and re-emergence. It has been designed to embody a strong base of government that is accessible to all Grenadians. Significantly placed on the hilltop above Lucas Street, the new structure overlooks St. Georges, the Careenage and Port Louis in the southwest. It also provides panoramic views of the northern and western landscape. This gives it a place of pride not only in the country’s capital but also in the surrounding parishes.

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Image Credit: An artist’s rendering of the building’s internal chamber

International Support

Grenada is receiving support from Australia on the project. This support arose from a request made by Grenadian Prime Minister Tillman Thomas from then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. In fact, it was Rudd’s positive affirmation of support that initiated the collection of process towards the new Grenada House of Parliament back in 2009 .The Australian International Aid Agency will provide design funds and $5 million for the construction budget.  Further, Australia has provided an architectural consultant on the project to develop the design brief and supervise judging from the competition. The United Arab Emirates is also providing $2 million in funding for construction on the building,

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What’s next?

The next steps towards the realization of Parliament Building is the completion of the designs then the short listing of contractors, tender submissions by the contractors and the contract award. Construction is anticipated to start by the end of the second quarter of 2013. The site for the New Grenada House of Parliament building will be at the Governor General’s Property at Mt. Wheldale. For more information, download the official release document here.

By: Norvan Martin



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