Grenada at 39

Spice Island – Grenada Celebrates 39 Years of Independence

Grenada Flag-2013

Known as the” Island of Spice” due to being one of the world’s largest producer and exporter of the nutmeg and mace crops, Grenada achieved independence from Britain in February 1974. Following a leftist coup in 1983, the island was invaded by U. S. troops and a democratic government was reinstated.  Grenadians all around the world celebrate 39 years of independence on February 7, 2013.

The components of the flag have the following significance

Red – Represents the fervour of the people, their courage and vitality – their burning aspiration to be free. The red border is indicative of their dedication to preserve harmony and unity of spirit.
Gold  – The colour representative of wisdom also holds significance for Grenadians – a representation of the sun, their islands in the sun, the warmth and friendliness to their people.
Green – Symbolises the fertility of the land, the lush vegetation and the island’s agriculture.
The Seven Gold Stars – represents the seven parishes and the hopes and aspirations and ideas upon which the nation was founded.

Nutmeg_Zanz41The Nutmeg – represents the reputation as the Isle of Spice and its traditional link with the economy.

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