Granny Del and her granddaughter will be in the Washington Metro Area, see them on October 20!

Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright stars as Granny Del and a formidable cast returns to the Washington Metro area on Saturday, October 20, 2018, @ the High Point High School, 3601 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville Maryland.

Delcita is an ancillary worker at Mount Jacobs Primary School, her granddaughter, Catisha Deleesha (Shakira Kelly), attends the school and is disruptive due to learning and emotional challenges. Catisha’s teacher, Mrs. Wheelz, (Kirri Wynter), is having a myriad of issues and lacks humility, tact, and diplomacy.  The Education Officer, (Trudy Campbell), Dean of Discipline (Christopher Hutchinson), and Principal have all tried with Granny Del and her granddaughter.

Catisha and Granny Del move the comedy along quite quickly. In fact, scriptwriter, Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright jokes that “The laughter is longer than the script.” Wright is a trained Guidance Counsellor who enjoys embellishing stories and making them humorously credible.

Come and have Fun!

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