Granny Del a truly entertaining theatrical experience

Granny Del – Delcita and her Grand Pickney a splendid performance in Beltsville, Maryland!

Granny Del a truly entertaining theatrical experience

Last night  (Sat, Oct. 20, 2018) I watched a great night of theatre @ High Point High school in Beltsville, Maryland.

Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright, Shakira Kelly, Kirri Wynter, Trudy Campbell, and Christopher Hutchinson really entertained the audience in Granny Del. They all performed well and showed quality in delivery and presentation of their roles. I must admit that each of the thespians on stage was quite impressive.

The play was entertaining, thought-provoking and garnered cheers, laughter, and intrigue from the patrons.

Granny Del a truly entertaining theatrical experience

As promoters and producers continue to present first quality theatrical productions from the Caribbean, they foresee a rise in the acceptance and support of their presentations to the Washington metropolitan area.

We highly recommend Granny Del to others in cities in North America and beyond.

Caribbean performing arts is often well received in North America as it relates to music performances. However, thespians and the plays in which they perform are often warmly greeted and heartily applauded by scarce audiences. We can change this; let’s begin to support and encourage others to support plays from the Caribbean.

Granny Del a truly entertaining theatrical experience

Producers and presenters of plays from the Caribbean invest money, time, and talent in helping to keep this aspect of our culture thriving. Many people benefit whenever their presentations of Caribbean plays are patronized. They value and thank you for your support.

Karl A. Haughton



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