Get to Know the Reasoning Behind Your Salt Seasoning

(Family Features)  Salt may be the original seasoning, but its current uses and applications can be as varied as the variety of salts that are available, leaving many in the kitchen wondering which is the best salt to use for various purposes.  Fortunately, you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to use salts in ideal ways to help unlock the full flavor of your favorite dish.

No matter what salts you love most, always keep several types on hand and try to use each for its ideal purpose.

caribbean-sea-saltSea Salt: As its name suggests, water is harvested directly from the sea and allowed to evaporate until only salt remains. All-purpose sea salt can be measured like table salt and used in your favorite recipe. The smaller crystals of fine sea salt blend easily into dishes, helping to unlock the flavor of food. A sprinkle of coarse sea salt is ideal for finishing vegetable dishes and desserts. (Image credit:

kosher saltKosher Salt: The compact crystals of Morton Coarse Kosher Salt adhere well to food and dissolve slowly, imparting a well-rounded flavor. That makes it great for brining meat, rimming margarita glasses, roasting, barbecuing, marinating and making rubs. Its flakes are much bigger than table salt, and chefs like that it can be easily pinched for measuring. So, why is it called kosher? It originally received its name because of its role in the process of making meats kosher, but it has many more uses. (Image credit:

Table-saltTable Salt: This go-to kitchen staple is a must for baking because the uniform crystals allow for precise measurements. Its crystals are also fine, making it perfect for filling salt shakers, spreading evenly over food and unlocking the flavors of your favorite meals and desserts.

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Once you become familiar with the distinctive sizes, flakes and flavors of various salts, you will quickly become an expert at pairing each with your favorite dishes. Coarse sea salt provides the perfect finish for sea salt caramel brownies, while a fine sea salt seasons side dishes, such as one pot easy cheesy vegetables and rice. So, fill your pantry with several different kinds and start sprinkling away. Visit for recipes and more information about various types of salt.

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