Get A Personalized Pleasurable Vacation Package @RosevilleTravels

It’s decided! You want a vacation, you need a vacation. There is a simple solution, contact Roseville Travels for A Personalized Pleasurable (APP) vacation package.

Get A Personalized Pleasurable Vacation Package @RosevilleTravels

A Personalized Pleasurable Vacation is what awaits when you choose Roseville Travels. Veronica Gourzong-Rose, the owner of Roseville Travels, provides you and your spouse/friends/family with a perfectly pleasing experience that will provide memories to last a lifetime. Roseville Travels has been doing just that for six (6) years and counting.

Get A Personalized Pleasurable Vacation Package @RosevilleTravels

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With Roseville Travels the name says it all, no rose-coloured glasses being offered; instead, what is offered is a family-like feel, as your travel agent opens up the lines of communication to understand exactly what you are hoping to get from your vacation. No question is too small. Is there travel insurance? Yes!

In addition to reliability and efficiency, like taking time to pull the fragrance from a rose, time and care are taken to carefully formulate and meet all of your travel needs. For example, speaking from experience, Veronica noted that a pleasure vacation might start off as a cruise, but end up being a wedding, and an extended stay at a particular location, including airfare. Because those persons have APP vacation package from Roseville Travels, they are able to extend their vacation without having to scamper to find a new travel agent as their vacation plans change.

Get A Personalized Pleasurable Vacation Package @RosevilleTravels

One thing we must confess about APP vacation by Roseville Travels is that there might be a slight bias in promoting the island of Jamaica as a destination, or at least so it might seem. However, what it is, Jamaican-born Veronica Rose admits, “I know the ins and outs of the island and can provide real-life guidance for your vacation. Therefore, you could consider APP vacation by Roseville Travels as having a Jamaican specialization by default.”

You might be wondering what makes APP vacation so wonderful and workable—it’s the rationale behind its creation. Roseville Travels came about after extensive travels by Veronica who had mixed experiences which fuelled her fire to create some of the positive changes she wanted to see in the travel industry. She is always working on improving her business by gaining all the knowledge she can to better serve her clients. Webinars, seminars, luncheons, whatever the format for improving her delivery of A Personalized Pleasurable vacation, she embraces it willingly.

Get A Personalized Pleasurable Vacation Package @RosevilleTravels

Antigua and Barbuda wins Caribbean’s Most Innovative Destination AWARD (Photo ABTA)

Roseville Travels is affiliated with tourism organizations, tourist boards, and is a Certified Sandals Specialist for Jamaica and St. Lucia; relationships have been built with The Mark Travel Corporation, and she is also a Certified Autism Travel Professional.

There are testimonials from clients at who have experienced the professional and efficient services from Roseville Travels. They are so happy that they had personalized vacation services from the time they began the process, to the time they returned from their trip. Their testimonials are very personal, and their gratitude is expressed in their excitement for their next trip via calls, emails and most of all, referrals.

Roseville Travels’ mission is to impact the travel industry by providing expert service, share knowledge about destinations, and comprehensively plan vacations and other travels to give its clients the most pleasurable vacation ever.

When it comes to planning your next vacation, leave the planning to Roseville Travels.

Get A Personalized Pleasurable Vacation Package @RosevilleTravels

The 4 main islands of The Bahamas are beautiful places to enjoy

A Personalized Pleasurable (APP) vacation package by Roseville Travels exists for a reason and for every season.

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