Genori McCormack has a new found appreciation for life and all of its inhabitants

Genori McCormack

Genori McCormack, Youth Affairs Officer Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Coalition (GCAHC)

Genori McCormack is a graduate of Spelman College, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She currently works as a Business Analyst for an information technology and consulting company.

She serves as the Youth Affairs Officer for Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Coalition and is also a volunteer for the Peace by Piece organization, currently working to build a curriculum for a youth summer program in Metro Atlanta. Being in a position that requires clear communication and problem solving, she has learned so much about people, and essentially, about herself.

Her new found appreciation for life and all of its inhabitants has drawn her closer to a passion she never knew existed within her: helping others, especially youth. She looks forward to opportunities that will allow her to share the wealth of knowledge and understanding that she has acquired thus far.

Genori is of Panamanian descent, which provided the foundation for her love of the Hispanic and Caribbean cultures, whose rich history and beauty she shares with others around her. Her desire is to ensure that our Caribbean community has the resources to make a significant impact that will give way to a brighter future for generations to come.

She believes that youth and young adults are well equipped to implement transformation in our world and posits that “as a community, we can be the change that we ultimately want to see.” As a result, she wants to help motivate and inspire these young people to be the faces of change.

Source: Institute of Caribbean Studies newsletter



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