GARVEY The Musical, where would you like to see it?

GARVEY The Musical, where would you like to see it?

GARVEY The Musical is a successful and empowering musical theatre production based on the life and impact of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. A first-class cast of talented singers, actors and dancers perform this highly entertaining production. GARVEY The Musical highlights the valuable teachings of this first-class Jamaican leader and philosopher.

GARVEY The Musical is witty, funny, serious, emotional, and a breath of fresh air. The production is obviously well researched and presented in a way that is in keeping with the best that the modern theatre has to offer. In this production, you will see why the world has fallen in love with Jamaican culture and why Marcus Garvey was such a brilliant powerhouse of black consciousness.

The story is not a straight autobiography of Garvey’s life, but criss-crosses into the past and present time to show how people are questioning Garvey’s message while Garvey himself reflects back on his life. This nonlinear telling of the story is compelling first-world theatre. The characters are well drawn. The songs are beautiful and unforgettable. The dance and staging is entertainment at its best. GARVEY The Musical represents a new wave of Jamaican/Caribbean Theatre and should not be missed…..

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