Free e-textbooks for all Jamaican university students

For many students, it is a struggle to make ends meet while financing their studies. Expensive academic textbooks, which need to be bought every semester all over again, put their pocketbooks under a lot of pressure. Online publisher is determined to put an end to this by offering textbooks for free. 

Students spent a lot of money on textbooks every year and the prices are on the rise. “We want to make it possible for Jamaican students to go through university without having to spend money on textbooks at all. Our business model lets future employers pay the students’ textbooks,” said Thomas Buus Madsen, COO of
Bookboon’s textbooks are free, thanks to the inclusion of a small number of employer branding and recruitment advertisements in the books. 
“The ads are targeted at specific students. If you are a post-graduate in engineering, you will see your potential future employers telling you about future career opportunities,” explained Buus Madsen. 
Free but not cheap
Bookboon’s eBooks are written by professors from leading universities worldwide. 
“By carefully selecting our authors, we can guarantee the quality of our books. It is very important to us that our books meet the high academic standards demanded by universities,” said Buus Madsen. 
Bookboon currently provides almost 800 textbooks for IT, engineering and finance 



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