Former Miss Jamaica World runner up Candice Bromfield joins The Pamper Me Network Family

Candice Bromfield, an award-winning, passionate and respected Public Relations Expert, On-Air Personality, Marketing Consultant, Freelance Writer, Event Host, Youth Mentor, and Public Servant, exemplifies how to balance entrepreneurship and community responsibility.

She is the Founder, President and CEO of Bromfield Communications, a collective of experienced, smart and creative communicators that consistently secure meaningful coverage for its clients while building and maintaining relationships.Bromfield Communications' track record of creative ideas, client collaboration and satisfaction are a testament to their success. Whether it’s event planning, promotions, social media/online marketing, brand management or media relations, they get it right; they continually deliver results; they create an impact.

Exuding charisma, confidence and intelligence, Candice immigrated to Canada from Jamaica to pursue her dream of attending McMaster University, one of Canada’s top ranked universities. An individual who recognized very early the importance of communications, she pursued her Undergraduate Degree in Honours Communications Studies at McMaster University and her Post-Graduate studies in Corporate Communications at Sheridan College.

Candice is a firm believer that a solid education is a key contributor to success, and while enrolled in university she managed to balance multiple priorities and commitments while consecutively remaining on the Dean’s List. Her passion for communications was further deepened when she imparted her knowledge onto other students, becoming the department’s first black Communications Studies Teacher’s Assistant (TA). This astute trait only paved the gateway for her graduating from both institutions at the top of her class, while being the proud recipient of many prestigious awards; the most notable being the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Pinnacle Award.

Candice has also done different types of modelling and has appeared in several forms of media in Canada and Jamaica. A former Miss Jamaica World runner up, Candice believes pageants function as a wonderful opportunity for women and believes they are a great way for women to get involved, find a cause and give back to their community, further fulfilling their mission of “Beauty with a Purpose.” Candice also considers it her mission to be a role model for young women, to help them understand why it is imperative for them to have a positive attitude, exercise perseverance and be tenacious in their strive for success.

An advocate of giving back to the community, Candice has been volunteering from a young age in a variety of settings whether it is through mentoring young women and teenagers, being an active member of various organizations, conducting speaking engagements, being a Head Judge for several beauty pageants, and organizing events or writing to name a few.

Candice has worked in both government and corporate communications and On-Air. Candice recently resigned from her On-Air Role at G98.7FM to focus on her passion, Bromfield Communications. She believes strategic communications can capture the hearts and minds of your target audience, change the way people think and improve your bottom line. Get to know her!



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