Five Must do Vacation Activities In Belize

Although not a part of the Caribbean archipelago, Belize is considered as much a Caribbean island as any other. However, its mainland location means that the landscape is quite different from most Caribbean counties. Moreover, the country’s heritage shows slight differences as well. This positions Belize as one of the most unique Caribbean countries.

Belize is well known as the adventure capital of the region. Most of the adventure activities of the Caribbean are centred in Belize.  As a result, many adventure lovers flock the country yearly to experience that adrenaline rush.

Here are the top five adventurous activities to undertake in Belize:

Exploring the history of Mayans

Belize is well known for its rich history starting with the Amerindians-the Aztec and Mayans. The preserved history and heritage that dates back to these people provide exciting pieces of adventure. Though the Mayans may not make heads go right round physically, it is definitely enough to dazzle you with the interesting facts of the Mayan and Aztec Civilisation. From their gigantic pyramids to large stone cultures and finer things such as their calendar and other artefacts, these ancient civilisations are bound to put you in a state of awe. Such is the power of Mayans and it is essential for the tourists to know some amount of Mayans culture.

Five Must do Vacation Activities In Belize

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Scuba Diving

There are numerous diving sites in Belize. As such, scuba diving is one of the most famous activities in the country. Deep sea diving is one of the most meditative activities that one can do by exploring the untouched coral reefs of the Caribbean. Deep sea diving in Belize will expose divers to the diverse aquatic life and their immensely beautiful ecology below the waters.  Blue Hole near St Martin is one such place that offers extraordinary scope for deep sea diving.

Hiking/ Zip lining

Belize is covered by thick, tropical vegetation in lush rainforests. Hiking along the tropical rainforests with the amazing aroma of the lush flora in Belize is a must.  People who live in the dense pollution of the cities can experience heaven just hiking along the rain forests.

Zip lines give an extended tour of the jungles of Belize from a petite altitude to get a perfect view and feel of the forests. This is definitely an amazing adventure activity that compasses both sightseeing and adventure.

Horseback Riding

Many people do not know that horseback riding is a popular pastime in Belize.  Horse riding along the eco farms and the lush, green countryside makes you feel that you are on top of the world.  Many stables are prominently including horseback riding on their agendas in Belize. Such activities are normally done along the tropical grasslands to provide a native feel for tourists.

Five Must do Vacation Activities In Belize

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 Cave Exploration

Cave Exploration is a fascinating adventure activity in Belize that offers steady excitement feel to the people who take it. The Cayo district in Belize is the hotspot for cave exploration.  It has columns of limestone cave arrangement that is surrounded by a line of rivers and holes. These are very huge caves that extend for a long distance. The short doorways, the tight grottos and the water fall clad caves are one of the best natural occurrences delighting the hearts of the people and give the explorers a brilliant caving experience.  It is always better to take a well trained guide along these caves as they may be misleading sometimes.

These are some of the most ravishing adventure activities of Belize that can pull visitors from the norm of everyday life to a heightened level of excitement and amazement. On your next travel date with Belize, make sure to book a slot for these activities and have a wonderful time.

By: Norvan Martin



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