Fashions of Kenya – Top fashion designers of Kenya

Fashions of Kenya- Top Fashion Designers in Kenya

The fashion industry has continued to grow and developed in the last few years despite the challenges it faces. Kenyan designers are now getting international recognition for their work internationally.

Here are three fashion designers with international appeal and a bright future in the fashion industry both in Africa and in the world.

         Patricia Mbela

Patricia Mbela, operating her fashion label- Poisa is one of the most famous fashion designers in Kenya. So successful is she that she will be the first Kenyan to take part in the Nigerian fashion week later this month. The Start Newspaper quotes the designer saying, “I want Africa to know that the time for high fashion is here and its starts with Poisa.”

Patricia was one of the designers who were involved in the search for a Kenyan National dress and her career in fashion spans more than a decade. She has also designed outfits for a leading Airlines Company in Kenya, Kenya Airways which are still in use today. 


This is another leading design house based in Kenya employing many well-known designers. This fashion house is owned by Anne McCreath who was trained as a designer in Rome. Before coming to Kenya, Anne worked as a designer in Bercelona. Some aid work brought her to Kenya and after a number of years, KikoRomeo, a Swahili word that means Adam’s apple was born. Her desire is to give Africans contemporary fashion inspired by their culture. One of the notable things that this design house has done is coming up with peace patches which were used to bring Kenyans from all walks of life together after the post-election violence in 1998 and also creating employment. You can view some of their collections and enjoy their variety and style.

John Kaveke

John Kaveke founded his design house in 1998 and within those few years, his    designs have been featured internationally. 

He studied fashion in Spain and after a few years of practice, he came back home to continue his career. He is one of the designers who will take place in the FAFA (Festival for African Fashion and Art) taking place in Nairobi, Kenya in May. He is one of the few designers from Africa to feature in the London Fashion Week where he presented his collection, ‘A La Mode’.

He declares that his best moment was when he was recognized as a Must-Watch Menswear Designer in Africa. These are just a few of the Kenyan designers making a huge impact in Africa and all over the world with their creative designs and giving Kenyan fashion international recognition.





















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