Fashions of Ghana

Fashion designers all over Africa are working hard to make their names in Africa and internationally. Fashion designers in Ghana are not being left behind. In Ghana just like in other African countries, the population has been deeply influenced by western culture especially when it comes to fashion. These designers carry the hard task of creating and popularizing indigenous designs for all ages in their countries.

The Ghana fashion weekend (2009) brought together over 30 designers from all over Africa and the world. Some of the big names featured in this fashion weekend included Aphadi from Niger, Quedraogo Usman from Burkina Fasom, Amadou Diop from Senegal many others.

These designers showcased their beautiful creations which included accessories most of them with an ethnic touch. This major event attracted a large audience from all over the world. The world waits for the sponsors to put together another fashion weekend.

Here is a brief highlight of three top designers from Ghana

Titi Ademola


This Nigerian/Ghanaian designer studies for her degree at the London College of Fashion and has already established herself and a top designer. In her career, she has worked with top names such as Betsey Johnson and Burberry. She runs her own label known as Kiki Clothing which specializes in women and children’s wear as well as footwear.



Danielle and Chantel Dwomoh-Piper

These twin girls are commonly referred to as the DPiper twins and at only 23 years of age, they are making a mark as fashion designers and models. The twins studies fashion at HSFI (High School of Fashion Industries) and Fashion Institute of Technology where they were awarded Bachelor’s degrees.The twin sisters have launched their fashion line called Kastle Designs and a jewelry line called Treasure Chest.




Afua Sam stands tall and proud as the founder and CEO of Studio D-Maxsi. She has risen though the industry to become a top designer in Washington DC. Her designs are deeply influenced by her rich Ghanaian culture and she creates edgy designs for the fashion conscious woman. Some of her clients include celebrities like Jamie Foster Brown, Glynn Jackson and Kenny Flannagan. She has featured in a number of magazines and TV shows.One thing to note is a lot of the African fashion designers, especially the leading ones are all based in America. Africa is producing great talent in the fashion industry that is making a difference in the entire world. Imani. (TCC)

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