Farrah Hodgson’s Lady Boss Awards, Making a Difference

Farrah Hodgson's Lady Boss Awards, Making a Difference

With the rise of women being the gender seen as the weaker of the species, being often misunderstood, misrepresented, and misinterpreted there is a need for more women empowerment and females to take a stand and represent the exact opposite.

So of course there would have to be the first staging of Farrah Hodgson “#Lady Boss Awards Ceremony”, to promote the ambitious contributions to society by extraordinary females.

Paying homage to these ‘Queens’ in a one-night awards ceremony on February 23rd, 2017 at 6 pm, with light discussions from notable guest speakers and presentations to the successful nominees, the public is invited at no charge. The event will cater to single women, mothers, young adults, and budding entrepreneurs who are in the process of learning what it’s like to overcome struggles and start a business.

There are four award categories: Business Woman of the Year; Woman Entrepreneur of the Year; Woman Community Activist of The Year; and Woman Sponsor of the Year. These women are the epitome of what it means to be a Lady Boss – a woman who is not afraid to stand up, speak out and set boundaries. These nominees were selected based on their hard-working efforts to pursue their purpose while being humble and grateful at the same time.

These twelve deserving women have been nominated in each category as follows:

  • Business Woman of the Year : Victoria Morgan | Tamar Huggins
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year: Andria Thompson | Natasha Morris | Tamara Carter | Josephine Casey
  • Woman Community Activist of the Year: Vanessa Wheatle | Tanya Marie Macleod | Nicole Barham
  • Woman Sponsor of the Year: Marsha V. Watson-O’mara | Bianca Knight | Victoria Morgan

There guest speakers for the event are Denise Mclaughlin of Mclaughlin Mitchell Coaching; Marcia Murdock of TWRS -Together We R Strong; and Sheena Blake of Discovery Diversity Publishing.

The awards ceremony will be held at 5120 Dixie Road Mississauga at the Gospel Café.

“I want to help these young ladies know their worth know that they don’t have to settle for the situation or financial status they’re in, they can rise above any obstacle.” – Farrah Hodgson. 

Note from Farrah Hodgson

quotesWe are addicted to bettering ourselves spending late nights and early mornings building our businesses even though some of us are also single mothers yet we are still able to keep statistics away from our dreams, because one of the greatest accomplishments is doing what people said we couldn’t do. What better way to achieve our dreams than to help others achieve their success? For us, it did not come by accident, we have been working hard sacrificing, persevering, learning, and studying because we love what we are doing. It’s our gifts, our purpose, it’s Kingdom’s [God’s] business. On this night I am honoring some of these women in business in my community because they are standing strong in their purpose and gifts from God.” – Farrah Hodgson. 

About Lady Boss

#LadyBoss’ mission is to improve, support, and create educational and informative platforms for women who are entrepreneurs and for those who are inspired to improve life and business skills. The aim is to empower women in building their self-confidence by allowing their voices to be heard. Membership programs are available for various workshops, seminars, events and retreats, all of which are designed to enrich each member as they continue to build their business and a strong community.

About the #LadyBoss Meet Up

Hodgson has another event in the month of February to promote her #Lady Boss brand. The event —Sweet Sophisticated Yet Single Meet Upwas conceptualized last year from her first networking edition that was titled “If You Think God Gave You Life Just To Work 9-5 You’re Crazy”.

“I will bring a group of single women and men together to share an elegant evening of dining, enjoying a movie, and discussing some of the difficulties in finding that special person you desire to have in your life.” – Farrah Hodgson.

Farrah Hodgson, a published author, finds solace in this event because it gives women opportunities which are not readily accessible due to their busy schedules of juggling school, work and business. Through this event, each attendee will be able to increase the possibility of finding that special someone while dinning in one of Toronto’s finest Italian restaurants.

For more information about Sweet Sophisticated Yet Single Meet Up click here.

By Alexandra Daley


Farrah Hodgson's Lady Boss Awards, Making a Difference



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