Faith Greaves, the Dynamo Behind Mozia Shows & Plays

Faith Greaves -3Faith Greaves wants to be well known in Calgary, Alberta for using theatrical productions to bridge racial and economic divides. She has been involved with a number of organizations in Calgary and has demonstrated her talents as a project manager. She has been an active member of the Police Diversity Board through 2013 as a Latino and Caribbean member. She believes in diversity and multiculturalism, and is involved with community outreach problems of multiple varieties.

Greaves is a humanitarian at heart, and she has a loving family.  In addition, she is boundlessly creative and a strong leader.  All of these combined qualities help to drive and inspire her to make changes and spread her messages to the world.  She has founded the company —Mozia Shows & Plays, Inc — within Calgary to commit, both personally and professionally, to making her voice heard.

The initial theatrical production of Mozia Shows & Plays, Inc., will be presented on May 11 & 12, 2013. The play is Marcia Brown’s box office blockbuster, ‘I Need to Know My Father’.  It tells a compelling story of love which leaves behind the barriers of race and colour.  As the story carefully stitches together those heart melting experiences of a young girl who looks for a father who doesn’t know that she exists, you are going to be taken on a journey that will intrigue you, make you laugh and at the same time get tears rolling down your cheeks.  It is an experience that is not worth missing.  Visit  to learn more.

“This Mother’s Day Weekend, witness a heart wrenching story of a girl who needs to know her father……I Need to Know My Father, tells a compelling story of love which leaves behind the barriers of race and colour.” 

Mozia Shows & Plays, Inc., strives to achieve its standards of “Education through Entertainment”, relying on entertainment media such as plays and music instead of using speeches. Greaves and her company are focusing on women and their role in the community and in family, as well as how family is affected by the modern era, encouraging family bonding and the like. Greaves is also seeking to end pre-conceived notions about immigrants hoping to enter Canada, and encouraging people from all backgrounds to connect with one another.

Mozia Shows & Plays, Inc., envisions a value-focused society, and that is reflected in its vision statement, which is: “To reach out to all households in Canada and invigorate an entrenched sense of belonging towards wholesome family values along with encouraging arts and culture, social bonding, and empathy through a platform that promotes education through entertainment”.

Mozia Shows & Plays, Inc., is well on its way to achieving these goals, executing their vision in a new and innovative way.

By Katie Cooper



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