Are the expectations of women too high?

Answers to this question can be deemed as very relative when it comes to the mindset of any given woman or anyone who has interacted with said woman. It is inevitable to have communicated or shared a relationship with a woman or if you have been privileged to have been born a woman then you will be able to share your views as to whether or not expectations of  women are/are not too high.

Are the expectations of women too high?

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“For some, yes, their standards are high and for some, very high. But it is relative and ‘relaxing’ now as more people are setting into ‘equalized’ cultures where relationships are 50-50… Females are more independent compared to ten years ago and as such they provide more and standards drop. However, you have those females who are set in stone and feel that the male should be the sole provider but nonetheless emotional standards, sexual standards still remain high.” – Male youth.

However, there needs to be some sort of consensus about what is generally expected by most women, since individuals on a whole have their own standards. It may be assumed that most women have the following criteria for their relationships: love, loyalty, trust, security and faithfulness. As well as certain things they naturally expect their spouse to refrain from, for example, any and all forms of abuse, neglect and infidelity.

Those are standard conditions every woman can and should expect in a relationship so as far as that goes – standards are not too high.

The standards of a woman are seemingly derived from a mixture of basic self-preservation instincts, the complex emotional structure of human relationships and societal influence.

Basic Self-Preservation instinct

It is fair to assume that most women would avoid a guy who she knows would bring physical harm to herself and/or her children. That part is simple survival instinct. Assuming she doesn’t have this whole savior “change him” complex or attitude, they will stay away from the thing that hurts them. That sense of self-preservation also deals with security. A man’s role in a relationship is that of a provider and protector. Therefore a man who displays that he has his life under control financially and otherwise (provider) and also has some alpha traits (protector) tend to be very appealing to women. Such a guy can make her “feel safe” and provide for her (future) family.

Emotional Structure of Human Relationships

This more deals with the fact that beyond the natural instinct, we have the most complicated kind of “mating” process found on earth. Humans strive for things beyond simple reproduction and genetic transmission. We strive for companionship. This is why things like cheating actually hurts when one is unfaithful to the other.

Social Influences

In most modern societies monogamy is the norm while infidelity is frowned upon. However, persons still engage in polygamy or infidelity nonetheless as a result of pressure from the society or dare it be said ‘genetics’. Pressure from the society to conform to all these indirect messages being sent through media by graces of movies, series and other forms of audio-visual making persons believe that having a ‘side-chick’ is the new norm. While whether or not polygamy versus monogamy is right or wrong is relative to a person and it is ultimately their decision.

Of course there are many other factors but those would be narrowing down to individual preferences. Again, human love is complicated.

By Alexandra Daley



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