Eric Holder : US Attorney General making Barbados proud

Eric Holder, whose full name is Eric Himpton Holder, Jr., was born on January 21st, 1951, in New York City. His father, Eric Himpton Holder,Sr., was born in Saint Joseph, Barbados, making Holder Jr., a man of Barbadian descent. His grandparents on his mother’s side also emigrated from Barbados. He is the current attorney general of the United States of America, having served since February 2, 2009. He is the 82nd and current Attorney General of the United States and the first black America to hold the position. 

Growing up, Holder was considered to be an intellectually gifted child, having been selected from fourth grade to participate in a program intended for such children. He attended a prestigious high school which helped him to focus and gain insight into his future career. In 1969, he graduated from high school and was able to secure a scholarship for future pursuits.

Holder attended Columbia Law School and earned his degree in 1976. He was assigned to work by the Department of Justice in a new program called the Public Integrity Section. While there, he investigated corruption and scandals. In 1988, Holder was selected to become an associate judge of the DC Superior Court under Reagan. He then became the US attorney for Washington, DC, then deputy attorney general for Clinton in 1993. He was nominated by Clinton himself to assume such an office. He created several legal units of investigation, including a domestic violence unit and a program for gun law restriction. In 1997, he was nominated by Clinton to be the deputy attorney general.

In 2001, Holder began work in the law firm Covington and Burling LLC, and he continues to do work there today in tandem with his current work as Attorney General. He also puts his time toward a number of philanthropic causes, such as the Save the Children Foundation, and Concerned Black Men, which seeks to aid troubled youth in the DC area. He has been recognised in a number of media for his outstanding work in his field, one of which is the Legal Times, who recognised him as one of the “Greatest Washington Lawyers of the Past 30 Years”.

Under Obama, Holder started as a senior legal advisor to his presidential campaign, and he moved to his current position when Obama was inducted. Aside from his extensive work in the fields of law and his philanthropic pursuits, Holder is also a husband and father of three. To say his work is influential in the United States is certainly an understatement.

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