Enjoy Christmas eating in 4 Easy Ways

How to enjoy Christmas eating without getting the love handles

Christmas is a time for sharing, caring and remembering the birth of our Savior. Amidst the giving and receiving of gifts and well wishes to bring in the season, the world takes opportunity to make use of the gatherings for Christmas dinner, Christmas brunches and/or eating just because.

Enjoy Christmas eating in 4 Easy Ways

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With that third helping of mom’s Christmas cake and the second main course at Christmas dinner comes the packed on pounds. Not even a month fitness fee at the most successful gym in the New Year will be able to save you. But what if there was a way to partake in the season’s feast and still be able to fit into your favorite skinny jeans?

Yes. It is possible. Here’s how:

  1. Eat Heavy once and snack in between

    Balance things out by not going above your calorie limit for the day by prioritizing what you want to ‘dig’ into on any given day. For example, if you are looking forward to Christmas dinner with the family, make sure to not over indulge at breakfast or lunch. In turn, eat light meals or healthy snacks so you can enjoy that slice of pudding without feeling guilty.

  2. Do not forget to exercise, incorporate this season’s activities into a daily Fitness routine

Obviously exercising would be a valid point to include in the article about healthy eating. If you don’t fancy exercising at the gym or jogging around your community at five o clock in the morning, maybe you could incorporate exercise into the season’s activities. For example, gather a group of friends and go ice skating at the rink, or shovel snow off the driveway. It is easier to do things that you are having fun doing or things that will be beneficial to you without focusing primarily on exercising.

  1. It is just Christmas dinner… Do not overeat just because you see the ham glazed to perfection

Yes, this is a once a year feast. Yes you have spent hours in the kitchen slaving over the banquet. Yes you have invited all your family, friends, and Georgette down the street. But you are not going to overeat just because you have made this year’s Christmas dinner a surfeit of all your favourite meats and sides. Pace yourself and ensure that you have a balanced plate in moderation. Partake of more filling substantial foods that are low in calorie count; your body will thank you later. Try to avoid foods which just taste good and evaporate from your mouth as soon as it touches your tongue.

Enjoy Christmas eating in 4 Easy Ways

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  1. Watch what you drink

Even if it’s a glass of egg nog that you only drink in season, or a bottle of sorrel beer, you may think that since you’re drinking and not eating you are not depleting your calorie count. You could not be more wrong. Egg nog packs 223 calories per cup while alcohol on average 100-150 calories per cup. So before you host a drink up or accompany your friends to a local bar for Christmas drinks, be mindful of the types of drinks and the quantity of drinks you ingest.

Enjoy Christmas eating in 4 Easy Ways

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By Alexandra Daley



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