Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

Entering Eastern Lands we have Anguilla, a small eel-shaped entirely low, main island of coral and limestone  with several offshore islets; Scrub Island, Sombrero, Dog Island, Sandy Island, Prickly Pear and Anguilliate.

Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

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Anguilla, meaning Eel, has its capital The Valley, where approximately 600 of the island’s residents reside. The Valley also includes the Centre of commerce and government.

The island’s capital, The Valley, is located in the middle of the island, in front of Crocus Bay and nearby Crocus Hill, the island’s highest point. Expected Existing Landmarks are few in The VALLEY. New shops have opened in new buildings, old shops have been modernized and there are renovated West Indian-style cottages.

Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

At the island’s Carnival celebrations, Anguilla Summer Festival, Exciting Entertainment Lives. During CARNIVAL there are regular sailing regattas and Boat Racing is the National Sport.

Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

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“Summer Festival on Anguilla is a typical Caribbean emancipation celebration, it has been occurring on the island for over a quarter century. It’s roots however, are found in the decades of old traditional August Monday fairs, Bazaars and the old time Christmas festivities, which features many African influenced cultural expressions of island life. These activities were organized by the churches and featured wirewalkers, May pole dancers, Mock-a-Jumbies and games among other things. Today’s festivities still exude the same charm and spirit of those early days of festivities. Carnival as we know it today is a reflection of a typical contemporary Caribbean Carnivals”.Anguilla Summer Festival-  Learn more here

Experience exquisite luxuries such as diving and snorkeling as Anguilla is also known as the ‘Wreck Diving Capital of the Caribbean’ and rightly so as nine shipwrecks were deliberately sunk in its surrounding waters just so tourists might enjoy their scuba diving.

Every Eating Luxury seems to be available in Anguilla where Caribbean flavours have been combined with those from Europe and the Americas to create a wide range of dishes; the Eel is reputed as “the culinary capital of the Caribbean.”  This reputation was reinforced with the publication of the (WE) Are Anguilla Cookbook, a guide to the cuisine of Anguilla featuring emerging and established local chefs, who share both their signature dishes and personal anecdotes regarding the island’s epicurean culture.

Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

Antigua rooms with-views Pineapple Beach Club (photo Elite Island Resorts)

You can enjoy the offerings of five Eel restaurants the Pelican Grill, buffets at Topaz, Italian at Chef Pietro’s, island cooking at the Pineapple Grill and chicken and ribs at The Outhouse.  And there are more expected eating luxuries with the anticipated November 10, 2016 opening of The Reef shiny and new on the less-trodden beach fronting Merrywing Bay.

Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

Topaz Restaurant Pineapple Beach Club (photo Elite Island Resorts)

There is little to explore in The Valley, yet the central positioning of the island’s capital makes it a great place to stay while exploring earlier landmarks such as:  The Old Fort at Sandy Hill, Copper Hole (large blow hole),  Pitch Apple Hole (prehistoric cave) and The Dolphin Lagoon at Meads Bay.

Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

Anguilla, a view from Harbour Villas (photo by Dominique Hazard)

Would imagine by this time, many are wondering, how to get to this beautiful island. Well, one option is the American Airlines who has several daily flights from the major U.S. gateways into Puerto Rico with connecting service into Anguilla.

Enchant yourself in Anguilla, visit the Valley of the Eel

Anguilla,The Reef-Beach Breakfast (photo Envisionworks)

Why not enjoy eel’s luxury … Anguilla Awaits!!!!!

By Kerriann Toby

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