Education is the key to success

Originally written on April 12,  2012 and posted on Facebook

Illiteracy is the main scourge that leads to crimes of all sorts in Jamaica. The efforts to rid the island of illiteracy have been successful but greater successes can be achieved.  I write from the perspective of a concerned Jamaican who would love to see more efforts employed to join the fight against illiteracy.

My words are meant to encourage you to participate in any of the various efforts that exist or to commend you for trying to help the eradication process. I am not a paid spokesperson or a paid marketer for any organization in this fight; all my efforts are voluntary.

readacross jamaica

Read Across Jamaica is one of the organizations trying to make a difference in eradicating illiteracy in Jamaica. Photo courtesy of

There are various channels through which messages are disseminated.  I am using this forum to focus on music.  Music producers and performing artistes produce songs and music videos for all ages to enjoy. There are songs about love, war, homosexuality, sex, guns, marijuana, etc., and education. I have observed that of all the songs that are made, sold, or shared on social media, songs about education have the fewest hits or likes on social media, sell the least, and are played the least by DJs.

Why? I do not know. Is it that that the appeal for good is not as enjoyable as the other messages? I think that we all believe that educating every child is just as important as educating your child. The reasons for an educated Jamaica are always paramount in our minds; however, our actions do not necessarily work in tandem with our thoughts.

We can make a difference. For every child whom we inspire to do good we would have done another part of God’s will. Among other in society, I am asking all program managers, DJs (whether Internet based radio, traditional radio, sound system), television personalities, all singers, sing-jays, rappers, and spoken word artistes to give a little bit of your time to remind all others that education is the key to Jamaica’s success.

Please visit Read Across Jamaica today.

By Karl Haughton

My words still ring true today and remain unaltered!



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