Each One, Teach One

Each one teach one

Each One, Teach One

They say it’s black history month
Should I stand and take a bow
Nah…I reserved that right
for the dead, turning in their graves
I call them my ancestors
To you, they were just slaves

February, you say, “It’s time to reflect.”
The journey, the conditions, the deaths
The chains, the whips on our backs
The regrets
We’re still feeling the pain
Still living under a constant threat
All we have lost
What have we gained?

They took our riches
Took our land
Sold our women
Killed our men
Ate the fruit
Poisoned the tree
Robbed us of our culture
Our history

They throw us a bone
Should I stand and applaud
After four hundred years
Of countless withdrawals
No reparations
Empty, hungry for the truth
They loan us a month
To teach our youths

Three hundred and sixty five
Seven days of the week
We should be sharing
the knowledge we seek
Planting the seed
Letting it grow
What will happen to our future
If our children don’t know

Africa, the mother land
That’s where they’ll find their root
Israel had twelve tribes
Seek and you’ll find the truth
The linage of Isaac
Cut from the same cloth
Blessed, set apart
Sons of Jacob
After his own heart

The first inventors
Teachers of the moon and the sun
The first doctors
They never lived by the gun
Scientist, biologist, chemist too
They had our own identity
Could walk in their own shoes

Chariots, horses
Cattle, land
Fist of diamonds in their hands
Kings and Queens
Brave, bold
Oh, I forgot, they even stole our gold

The knowledge is not lost
It’s just buried in the sand
We must find a way to make this generation understand
Shhhh…listen, I hear my ancestors crying out, “stick to the plan, stick to the plan.”
Each one teach one
The only way to ensure that our rich legacy will live on
For decades to come….

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 20161110
©Copyright 2016. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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