DMV publishing company hosts event to celebrate its authors and books

Washington, D.C. (July 19, 2018) —Duho Books, a DMV boutique publishing company and the brainchild of Bahamian-American author Wendy Coakley-Thompson, celebrates its authors and books at its upcoming “Open House” event on July 31. Duho will host its event from 6 P.M to 8 P.M. at Bus Boys and Poets (Brookland), 625 Monroe St NE, Washington, DC 20017. The event will include refreshments, giveaways (Bahamas-themed) and the opportunity to purchase books by Duho authors. Attendees are asked to RSVP to publicity@duhobooks.com by July 29, 2018.


Wendy Coakley-Thompson

Established in 2017, Duho Books was born out of the belief that traditional publishing sells readers short by refusing to introduce them to authors who do not fit neatly into industry boxes. Founder/author Coakley-Thompson experienced this circumstance repeatedly, as exemplified by a rejection of her novel, ‘Triptych’ by a reviewer who claimed, “…So much of the action of the book happens in the Bahamas, and with commercial novels like this it can sometimes be tough to get readers to want to read outside their geographic location.” This prevailing view led Coakley-Thompson to create Duho as a space for both fiction and non-fiction authors to create, thrive, and prosper.

“Duho’s mission is the preservation of Bahamian culture and its dissemination to the world at large, through the written word,” said Coakley-Thompson. “Whether you’re a Bahamian author, use The Bahamas as a setting for your book, or just include information about The Bahamas in your writing, we would like to hear from you.”

Coakley-Thompson brings almost two decades in traditional and self-publishing to Duho. She began her career as a self-published author with Infinity Books in 2002.  In 2004, she signed a two-book deal with mainstream publisher Kensington Books. Dissatisfied with the mass production nature of Big Publishing, she returned to self-publishing in 2008. Duho Books was the natural progression of Coakley-Thompson’s independent approach to storytelling.

DUHO BOOKS CELEBRATES ALL THINGS BAHAMAS ON JULY 31Duho Books puts out twelve titles annually which allows them to give authors the attention they need, as well as to position their work for maximum exposure. Duho Books releases three books every quarter, with their next set of titles scheduled for September 2018. For more information about Duho Books and details on how you can publish with them, visit www.duhobooks.com.


Duho’s Spring/Summer releases included:

What You Won’t Do for Love (Multicultural Fiction)

A failed engagement and a partnership in a new e-learning firm have led thirty-six-year-old Chaney Braxton from New York to Washington, D.C. When Chaney meets half black, half Korean veterinarian Devin Rhym, she can’t help being impressed with his knowledge and his soothing demeanor—not to mention his exotic good looks. At the same time, Chaney doesn’t see herself taking on a twenty-eight-year-old “tadpole.” She reminds herself that there are other, more age-appropriate fish in the sea. Or so she thinks…

My Name Is Karma (Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal)

In the wake of Karma’s discovery of her gifts and the traumatic events that led to the loss of and reconnection with family members, Karma goes on a journey to discover the truth behind her mysterious powers and, more importantly, behind the man who sought to destroy her and everything she loves. This voyage pulls her further from her life of normalcy and portends intense joys and sorrows, leading her, once again, to question whether she will use her gifts for the good of all…or for a more sinister purpose…

The Left-Over Daughters (Contemporary Women’s Fiction)

In 1964, the stunningly beautiful Petra arrives in the tiny settlement of West End, Grand Bahama. Almost immediately, she embarks on a fevered romance with Julius Johnson, unwittingly setting into motion a series of events that will come to touch every member of their family. On the day of her grand high society wedding, Petra discovers that Julius is involved with Annie, the daughter of the local woman known for her devastatingly effective spells and incantations. By marrying Julius, Petra triggers a malignant hatred in the depths of Annie’s malevolent soul. Over the years, Annie uses all the powers of obeah—the dark arts—to avenge perceived slights supposedly inflicted on her by Petra and her daughters.

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