Dudus, Andrew Hamilton, and Other Criminals Must Never be Seen as Role Models

Police might have killed a gunman and citizens block roads ….Jamaicans wake up! Stop preventing the police from doing their jobs! Do you block the roads when criminals rob, rape, and murder law abiding citizens?


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In committing unlawful acts, criminals kill many innocent citizens —who demonstrates? When police officers are killed — who demonstrates?

In Jamaica, citizens in the line of police fire are not intentionally shot at by the police; caution is exercised by the police.  Some conditions in which the poor in Jamaica lives are no different than conditions in other societies and the mass lawlessness and hatred does not control the majority.

Societal intervention in Jamaica is not encouraged because of the lack of protection that a ‘snitch’ is granted. In Jamaica many poor and illiterate people shamelessly view the police as their enemy; many businessmen/women harbor criminals, support their businesses, and contribute to their criminal existence.  

For the Jamaican society to become better, we must all make an investment —money, time, and talent— for too long many have sat on the wayside and watched corrupt government officials, criminals, bad business practices, and abhorrent social attitudes dominate the society.

I cannot hate the Jamaican government and love criminals! 

Yes, we need more jobs, more educational systems and institutions, and more cooperation between each other. However, why elevate the ‘dons’ and so called ‘area leaders’ to any level of decent respect, why fear and tolerate these individuals? Poor youths must know that most of them (dons, area leaders) cannot even read…As the saying goes: "dem even see dem name pon bulla and nyam it"

Jamaica has many brilliant minds, and many exemplary individuals who should be exposed and emulated. Let's all focus on the many positives of the country and not allow the distractions of criminals to ruin the legacy of our great heroes and citizens.  Can we at least try to do this?

By: Karl A. Haughton



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